Under Armour Unveils Its First New Sagamore Water Taxi

Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour recently announced his plan to purchase Baltimore Water Taxi. He immediately went to work, hiring boat designers to upgrade its fleet. The group of designers took an hour-and-a-half tour to St. Michaels to see the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum on the Eastern Shore. There, they were able to do a bit of research on the historic models of Maryland boats. The plan was to design a new water taxi that would pay tribute to Maryland’s heritage.The new water taxi was unveiled Monday, November 7 and will be able to transport 49 passengers, a captain and first mate comfortably. The 55-foot ducktail boat is black in color, with a large “W” checkered flag logos and print that reads, “Water Taxi Key’s Anthem” on the sides. The boat definitely stood out among the traditional water taxi, with its unique design.

The key is to attract passengers and encourage them to take a tour. There will soon be nine more vessels to join the new sleek draketail boat on the harbor. New stops will be added to the water taxi schedule, including the $5.5 billion Sagamore Whiskey Distillery now under construction in Port Covington and Plank’s Hotel in Fells Point.

The interior is installed with LED lights, which will shine after dark. The LEDS will shine purple when Ravens win and orange when Orioles win. There are also USB ports for mobile charging and bike racks, with a future Wi-Fi upgrade. The onboard twin Beta Marine diesel engines are capable of reaching speeds up to 8 knots, but officials are hoping to upgrade to hybrid power and eventually to full electric. If this doesn’t encourage people to hop aboard the new water taxi, nothing will.

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