U.Md. renews annual celebration: Native American culture

The University of Maryland hosted an event by the Native American and Indigenous Student Union that celebrated their heritage and visited tables of arts and crafts. They then drummed, danced, restored spiritual connections, and renewed friendships. Jeremy Harley of Waldorf, Maryland, of the Piscataway Conoy tribe said, “It’s a great place to meet people and to see some old friends.” He added, “It’s a good excuse to see everyone again.”

Pines and Kelly’s opinions recorded

Pines said, “It’s all about celebrating our diverse community and how everyone brings value added to the University of Maryland.” Rick Kelly of Virginia’s Nottoway Indian tribe had attended the event and said it was like a “family reunion.” Kelly reminded me of the fact that there were indigenous people in the country, and thus, added, “It’s our opportunity to share our culture with the people around us.” He said, “Often, people don’t recognize us unless we have on all our feathers.”

Zewdie’s statement recorded

Hana Zewdie, the coordinator for the Multiracial and Native/Indigenous Student Involvement, wants people to support Native Americans in the D.C. area. They even attended their local powwows. Zewdie said, “There was a time where I thought that you had to be native to go to powwow, and as a non-native person, I thought, ‘Well, I guess that means I can’t go.” He added, “In the last few years, it’s been something that I’ve come to understand better.”

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