Two Arrested In Connection With Killing Of Loyola University Student, Three Other Men


Court documents filed Friday details how a pot dealer killed four men, including a 19-year-old student from Loyola University Maryland. The man told police he shot one of the victims and then drove a backhoe on top of him at a Solebury farm. After killing the remaining three victims, he tried to burn the bodies in a metal barrel.

Cosmos DiNardo, 22, admitted to killing a former classmate after he tried to give him $800 for $8,000 worth of marijuana. DiNardo, a graduate of the Holy Ghost Prep School, said another man tried to flee the area when he shot him in the back. He placed the blame of one death on his 20-year-old cousin, who was also charged in the case Friday. The cousin denied the accusations, saying DeNardo shot all four of the victims.

Killed Maryland Student

Investigators believe the motive for the killings was DiNardo wanted to set the victims up when they arrived at the farm to buy pot. One man went missing July 5 and the other three vanished two days later.

An oil tank on the 90-acre farm contained the bodies of three of the victims, including Mark Sturgis, 22; Tom Meo, 21; and Dean Finocchiaro, 19. According to police, the oil tank had been modified as a cooker. After four days of digging and sifting dirt, FBI discovered the bodies of the three slain men.

Jimi Taro Patrick’s was not found until DiNardo disclosed information to the FBI on where he buried his body, said Matthew Weintraub, Bucks County District Attorney. Patrick was a student at Loyola University Maryland.

DiNardo agreed to plead guilty in a deal with prosecutors that would spare him the death penalty, according to court documents.

Loyola is offering counselors to students and faculty. When students return after the summer break, a memorial Mass will be held for Patrick.

Last year, DiNardo was involved in an ATV accident, which left him a head injury. He also has a history of mental illness that includes repeated contacts with police, an involuntary commitment and a schizophrenia diagnosis.

Even though the commitment restricted DiNardo from possessing guns, he had a shotgun on his persons when he was charged with illegal possession of a gun in February.

DiNardo is charged with 20 crimes, including robber, conspiracy and abuse of corpse, as well as four homicide counts. Sean Kratz, DiNardo’s cousin, faces three homicide counts.

DiNardo and Kratz will be held without the possibility of bond.

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