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Turning Red: All You Need to Know

Pixar has been enjoying the success of its movie, “Luca” over the past month. But that does not mean that they will stop working! They are committed to making movies, and they have a new one coming out soon. Not even 30 days after “Luca’s” release, Pixar has already announced its next movie. They released a trailer and it will come out on (date).

Pixar has a new director who made an Oscar-winning short called “Bao” and now they are making a movie called Turning Red (from IndieWire). “Turning Red” is about family. It has a similar premise to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” or “The Incredible Hulk.” It’s perfect for the whole family!

Although Pixar has given a trailer and release date for “Turning Red,” we do not know a lot. The little we do know about the cast and plot hints that this might be a good movie. Many things we know about “Turning Red.” We also learned what we learned.

What is the release date of Turning Red?

This year, Pixar has been working hard. It made two movies that were released in a row called “Luca” and “Turning Red.” The new movie will be released on March 11, 2022. This is good news for people who like Pixar and also for people who have kids. Unlike “Luca,” it seems like Disney and Pixar are going to make “Turning Red” their first widespread theatrical release. Earlier, there were a lot of closings and delays because COVID-19 caused a lot of problems.

Turning Red' First Trailer: Pixar Unleashes a Beast | IndieWire

The thing that makes this animated movie special is that it will be done quickly. Creative studios have been opening their doors again because creative people want to work. All productions are going much more smoothly than they have been. “Turning Red’s” production is going well, too. Unless a second pandemic appears from the ether, “Turning Red” will not stop anytime soon.

What is the plot of Turning Red?

Mei Lee’s superpower is a problem. Most kids would want it. But she can’t have fun with it because it is a problem. If she gets stressed, excited, or overworked, then there’s very little that she can do to prevent herself from suddenly changing into a giant red panda. As you might expect, power can be a problem when it happens at the wrong time. Mei Lee has this problem every time.

The situation is made worse because her mother always makes it worse. She never knows when to stop. Mei Lee gets angry and starts to shout because she has had enough. Luckily, Mei Lee can become human again if she relaxes. But it’s not easy!

The story is about Mei and Ming. They are sisters who have some problems. The story might seem silly, but it’s also exciting. I wonder what will happen next? If you like the movies from Pixar, look for “Turning Red” in March 2022.

Who will be starring in Turning Red?

Like all of Pixar’s movies, “Turning Red” has a character-driven story. The trailer does not show the two major characters that we will see in the movie. Pixar is not showing new characters in their movies. They are talking about the actors they have in each movie.

This movie follows an average high schooler. They are Asian and they have a problem that is weird. A child actress will play the part of Mei Lee in the movie. Mei Lee’s mother will be played by Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy.

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It’s clear from all of this that Pixar is playing a game of being authentic. The writer/director, Domee Shi, was born in China and her work reflects this. The book is about Asian people and so it has a lot of Asian characters and things in it.

What about the production of Turning Red?

Check Out the Fuzzy First Teaser for Pixar's Turning Red - Paste

On May 8, 2018, it was reported that Shi is writing and directing a full-length feature film. Shi is the second woman to direct a Pixar film. Shi confirmed that she is working on a new movie. The movie is not finished yet and the story still needs to be worked on. Shi can’t say much about it right now, but she is excited to do the film because it will be different from other movies. On January 1, 2019, Shi said that she planned for her film to be “entertaining and emotional”. On December 9, 2020, Shi’s film was announced with the title Turning Red and also what it is about.

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