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Tuca And Bertie Season 3: Star Cast, Plot Details And Release Date

Tuca and Bertie are back for another hilarious adventure. Tuca, the toucan bird, played by Tiffany Haddish, and Bertie, the songbird played by Ali Wong, return to Netflix in Tuca and Bertie Season 3. Tuca has a new friend named Leslie (played by Rachel Dratch), who she meets at an animal rescue shelter where they both get rescued from being put down due to overcrowding at their previous homes. Tuca’s other friends from previous seasons are also returning. Tuca and Bertie Season three is set to be released. Tuca and Bertie might not have a lot of money, but they are still rich in love.

About Tuca and Bertie

Tuca & Bertie is a Netflix original adult animated sitcom created by artist Lisa Hanawalt. It premiered on May 3, 2019. Bertie and Leslie go on their own adventures as well this season. They start an animal rescue shelter called “The Animal Adoption Foundation” while working together and training Tuca how to be around other animals that don’t have Toucan DNA like herself.

They then get kidnapped by some shady people from previous seasons’ episodes so they can make money off them again, but thankfully Tuca saves them before any harm could come their way. On top of Tuca and Bertie, Tuca’s parents also make an appearance this season. Tuca’s mom is going to be a judge in the upcoming bird show, while Tuca’s dad just needs some fresh air after working all day at his workplace, so he comes over to visit Tuca and Leslie for a bit before leaving again.

Plot for Tuca and Bertie season 3

Tuca’s adventures this season include trying to get her old friends back after they have been kidnapped in a daring heist at the zoo, meeting Leslie for the first time, who she is forced to take care of because Tuca’s friend is too busy, and Tuca trying to find Bertie after she goes missing at a pet store. Tuca also has new friends this season in the form of her co-workers, who are always up for adventure with Tuca.

The next episode of Tuca and Bertie that will release features Tuca as she goes missing at a pet store near her home. It looks like it might have been because of one of Bertie’s friends who disappeared with their pet hamster way back when they were kids, but we’ll see what happens with more episodes coming out soon!

The trailer is out “Tuca and Bertie season 3.”

'Tuca & Bertie' Creator on Season 2, Moving to Adult Swim and Navigating  the Animation Boys Club | GQ
Source: GQ.com

Tuca & Bertie Season 3 promotions, including the trailer, have yet to be published by Adult Swim. To commemorate the show’s renewal, Hanawalt shared this adorable sketch of the actors on Instagram.

It’s not official yet, but fans are already excited to see what happens next! What does Tuca do when she loses one friend after another? And how can they help each other through this difficult time? The answers await you in the coming seasons of Tuca and Bertie!

Season 3 Cast of Tuca & Bertie

  • Tiffany Haddish as Tuca Toucan, a toco toucan, Bertie’s impulsive and newly sober best friend who works odd jobs and often relies on her wealthy Aunt Tallulah for financial support.
  • Ali Wong as Robertie “Bertie” Songthrush, a song thrush, Tuca’s career-minded best friend, a senior operations analyst (previously a data processor) at Conde Nest, and aspiring baker.
  • Steven Yeun as Speckle, a robin, Bertie’s strait-laced architect boyfriend.

The main cast will return for Season 3 as well, which is great news for fans.

Spoiler for Tuca & Bertie

It’s unclear what Tuca will be up to in this new batch of episodes; perhaps she’ll find love again with Speckle after they broke up last year? Or maybe Tuca will focus all her energy on her career as a baker? Fans are sure to have plenty of questions that the third season could answer!

Tuca and Bertie Season Three: Tuca’s Career-Minded Best Friend. Toucan, with an entrepreneurial spirit who owns a fruit stand on the street of her fictional home city name Tucaville. Her best friend is Bertie (Amy Poehler), an impulsive but lovable songbird. When Tuca feels stifled by the daily grind of life in Tucaville, she takes flight to explore other business opportunities until she finds herself face to beak with trouble from pirates!

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