Top Factors to Consider Before Selecting an Online Proctoring Solution

Online Exam Platforms are getting a lot of popularity among educational institutions and certification organizations all over the world. As a result of the worldwide epidemic forcing schools and colleges to close their campuses and relocate their learning and assessment procedures online, remote proctoring has become a popular way to protect exams.

Many institutions and colleges, on the other hand, are using an online examination system and remote proctoring option for the very first time. Many of the teachers that used proctoring didn’t know what to search for in a proctoring solution or how to use it properly.

Purchasing online proctoring software that integrates seamlessly with your Learning Management System and meets all of your requirements necessitates a thorough awareness of the most important proctoring features as well as an awareness of your requirements.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting an Online Proctoring Solution 

Here are the top eight things to look for while selecting remote proctoring software.

1) Comprehensive

You don’t need to buy many solutions if a single piece of software can accomplish everything. Exams should be simple to host online, without the need to manage numerous applications. When it comes to online exams, clever proctoring software should be able to give its customers all they need.

With the assistance of the Online Examination System, universities or institutions can organize online examinations across geographies, automate exam scheduling, hold various sorts of tests (MCQ, Essay, viva, etc.), and be sure with accurate exam results.

For example, MasterSoft’s Online Examination System includes online exams as well as video conferencing features. It not only allows you to conduct online assessments or oral examinations through live video, but it also allows you to watch your students’ activities while they attempt the exam. You get all the desired features on a single platform.

2) Scalable

Any effective online proctoring solution will make certain that large-scale examinations are possible. Exams for tens to thousands of students might be held simultaneously on an online exam platform. You’ll need to be sure your proctoring solution is capable of handling the volume.

MOOCs (massive open online courses) are certification providers that offer online courses to applicants all around the globe. Because people are applying from all over the world, the level at which the courses and examinations must be done is large.

As a result, the software should be able to conduct examinations on a large scale with ease, as well as have a robust timetable system that can adjust for time variations and schedule exams when they are convenient for the applicant.

3) Easy Integration

When it comes to purchasing proctoring software, take into account that the program’s quality and capabilities aren’t the only things that make it outstanding, its ability to engage with your existing online examination system is also important.

Most higher education institutions use Higher Education ERP to organize, administer, and track their educational courses and activities. You should check if the program is compatible with your ERP system before purchasing. Because most systems on the current market only interface with a small number of ERP solutions.

4) User Experience

Another essential element is the user experience. The shift from offline to online proctoring must provide a positive user experience for both you and the students who are taking the exams.

Because the whole process is digitized, an easy proctoring program should guarantee that each test is completed not just quickly and efficiently, but also smoothly. The solution should not only meet your examination needs and save your time but also do so in a non-intrusive manner.

The software’s robustness is quite important. Video streaming, secure browser usage, desktop sharing, restricting certain activities or web pages are all examples of online proctoring. Product flaws can have a significant influence on candidate performance.

Additionally, if you want to offer large-scale online exams, be sure your online proctoring software is adaptable with several platforms, including mobile phones, laptops, computers, iPads, Chromebooks, and other operating systems.

5) Customizability

You’ll need a proctoring solution that can be modified as per your needs, without compromising its functionality to make the online tests as authentic and as close to your offline examinations as possible. With so many different versions of the same software on the market, it might be tough to locate one that can tailor its characteristics to your online examination system.

Much smart software allows you to modify practically every part of the platform, including preventing behaviors like copying, pasting, or copying computer data, internet policing, and banning certain websites for students during the test, among other things.

6) Reporting System

For online examination platforms, a proctoring solution that creates exam reports with the right metrics is very essential. The software should understand different variations of a correct answer in a subjective exam and proper evaluation of marks. 

During an automated or live proctored exam session, the online proctoring system should monitor the examinations for you and raise flags if the applicant acts in questionable behavior. It keeps track of all the flags in an applicant log and assigns a rating to each one.

This saves you time while reviewing proctored recordings for examinations that are done remotely. This also aids in the creation of an index of authenticity for each exam, as well as determining whether applicants are engaged in cheating.

7) Cost

When considering the cost and effectiveness of proctoring software, take into account the solutions that you are buying. Investing in full end-to-end software that simplifies your work and test-taking is preferable to opt for less expensive and inefficient solutions that might make the process even more difficult.

A proctoring solution is a one-time expense that may save you a significant amount of time. Using much software for different reasons may be tiring, complicated, and even obstruct your teachers and students from having a positive experience.

8) Tech Support

Finding a solution with solid technical support staff is something we often overlook while seeking the finest proctoring option. When organizing time-sensitive tests, having 24×7 tech support with an easily accessible team of specialists who reply instantly upon raising a problem becomes quite vital.


Online examination platforms and online proctoring solutions hold the future of education. So many software are available in the market. But the best online proctoring solution for you should be the one that fulfills all your exam requirements and eases the process. 

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