Top biographies in all a time

List of the best biographical books. Biographies of people who have achieved success along the way are a constant source of inspiration. The great ones also made mistakes and fell, but managed to overcome all obstacles. This collection contains inspiring stories about the lives of famous people that everyone should read.

Interest in biographies of famous people dates back to ancient times. The Greeks enthusiastically retelling the legends about glorious heroes, the Egyptians kept stories from the life of the pharaohs, the Romans studied the path of becoming great commanders. Thousands of years passed – and the place of oral retelling was taken by biography books. It is natural for a person to look for inspiration, support, faith in oneself on the pages of other people’s destinies, because biographical books write about the same people. About those who are so similar to us. The heroes of the top biographiest are scientists, inventors, politicians, athletes, writers, musicians. They made themselves, overcoming difficulties, lack of faith in themselves, and most importantly – laziness.

Books about biographies of famous people will be of interest to everyone. You just need to choose the one. To help the reader, this list. It presents the most interesting biography books that can support in difficult times and inspire new steps towards achieving the goal. Autobiographies are valuable for the worldview of the protagonist and literally help to get into someone else’s shoes. And journalistic works about:

  • Elon Musk; 
  • Steve Jobs;
  • Freddie Mercury provide more information about the people who have influenced the lives of millions.

Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson

The story of Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs, retold by Walter Isaacson, is one of the most popular modern biographies, often referenced in various business book collections. Steve Jobs explores the life and career of one of the 21st century’s most influential entrepreneurs, his great failure and how it helped him succeed and conquer the world.

Silicon Valley Billionaire by Paul Allen

The Microsoft co-founder talks in his autobiography about the company’s early years and growth, his difficult and close relationship with Gates. In this book, you will find a couple of ideas on how to start your own business, interact with partners, make money and, most importantly, how to spend it.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Road to the Future, Ashley Vance

Ashley Vance’s book is a study of the personality of a brilliant engineer from childhood to the present day. The journalist is ready to share information received directly from Musk about how the inventor lives, how much time he devotes to his family and how he creates his futuristic projects. Vance’s book is not only a reference, but also a source of inspiration for any innovator.

The Social Network by David Kirkpatrick

David Kirkpatrick’s book is the true story of the creation of the # 1 social network with over half a billion users. The main character of the story, Mark Zuckerberg, himself provided the journalist with unlimited access to information about himself and Facebook, so the facts presented in the book can be considered as reliable as possible.

My Life, My Achievements by Henry Ford

The book of an outstanding American industrialist is not a collection of abstract general guidelines for starting and running a business, but a reference book with applied information. Henry Ford teaches the wisdom of everyday life in simple words, he explains the most complex industrial relations in the same way, supporting what has been said with examples – models that are workable even after a hundred years.

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