Top Advisor, Warren Deschenaux, Announces His Retirement

Warren Deschenaux, the top advisor to Maryland lawmakers, announced his retirement Tuesday. The executive director of the Department of Legislative Services said he would retire on December 1.

For years, Deschenaux has analyzed and scrutinized Maryland’s fiscal budget and shortfalls. Many of his close acquaintances, comrades and collaborators describe him as having a sense of humor, a reputation of being fair and honest and a wit and keen budget mind.

Warren Deschenaux

Deschenaux, Senate Majority Leader Douglas J.J. Peters (Prince George’s County Democrat), Senate President Pro-Tem Nathaniel McFadden (Baltimore Democrat); Senate Minority Leader J.B. Jennings (Republican who represents parts of Baltimore and Harford counties); Delegate Anne Kaiser (Montgomery County Democrat); House Speaker Pro-Tem Adrienne Jones (Baltimore County Democrat) and House Minority Leader Nic Kipke (Anne Arundel County Republican) are members of a steering committee that will recommend candidates for Deschenaux’s replacement.

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