Tokyo Vice: A stylistic, slow burn crime drama

Tokyo Vice

Tokyo Vice is an American crime series that aired on NBC. The story follows Jake Adelstein’s struggles as a reporter in Japan. And his battles against the Yakuza, who he is also writing a book about. It was announced in September 2013 that NBC had picked up the rights to “Tokyo Vice”. According to, the network initially ordered 13 episodes for a possible first season of a potential series.

During an interview with The Daily Beast, Jake Adelstein stated. “It’s an adaptation about my experience as a crime reporter in Japan for about 15 years, but it’s fiction. It’s been developed over three years with Todd Fields who wrote The Illusionist and Big Eyes.

What is the Release date of Tokyo Vice?

Tokyo Vice will premiere on Monday, September 22 and according to IMDb, each episode of the crime drama will be just over 50 minutes.
Tokyo Vice follows Jake Adelstein, an American journalist who has been covering the Japanese Yakuza for 15 years. He is approached by an FBI agent and is given a chance to work with them in order to take down one of Japan’s deadliest crime organizations.

Who can be seen in Tokyo Vice?

The series has a huge star cast made up of many well-known actors. Some of the names include Ernie Hudson and Jamie Chung. Vice is produced by NBC Universal Television Studios and distributed by NBCUniversal International TV Distribution. What was the Series tagline?

“Award-winning journalist Jake Adelstein delivers a riveting insider’s look at the truth behind Japan’s most powerful and notorious criminal organizations.” Tokyo Vice received mixed to positive reviews. The series premiere lasted for 49 minutes which beat other shows by four minutes. However, despite this, the reviews have been mixed to positive.

What is the Plot of Tokyo Vice?

Nikki Benz, who plays Adelstein’s girlfriend in the TV series as well as his co-author on a book about the Yakuza, has spoken of where she feels the real story lies.

“It’s all about power.” she said. “But it’s about a man named Jake Adelstein who is a very flawed person and he’s not just jaded, but he has his blind spots. He’s not just jaded or cynical, he actually has a heart. He’s just really conflicted, he’s a good journalist. He does what he does and he does it well and he loves doing it. He just can’t wrap his head around that power thing.”

Adelstein has spoken on the subject of the Yakuza as well. He said: “I think that in some ways, the Yakuza is an American organisation that adopted all of the principles of America but then took them to a whole other level of ruthlessness and evil and murder. I think that’s what makes it so hard for us to understand.”

What are the reactions of people?

Generally, the series has received positive reviews from critics. On IMDb, the series has been rated a rating of 8.3 which is quite high when compared to other shows. The viewers and critics have given the series rave reviews and many have stated that they would like to see it continue. They have also stated that they are very interested in seeing the story come to a conclusion and seeing where everything ends up in terms of Adelstein’s life story.

Does the series have any awards?

The series has received one award from both The Writers Guild of America and The Producers Guild of America. This was for the pilot episode. From the Writers Guild, it received a WGA nomination for Outstanding Original Drama-Series Writing and from the Producers, the pilot earned them a PGA nomination for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television for a Drama Series. While in terms of this particular nomination, it does not necessarily mean that the series will win either of these awards.

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