Things to Consider when Using CBD for Dogs

Natural pet supplementation is slowly but surely gaining in popularity, especially since the costs of vet checks and conventional treatments are rising. Not to mention the matter of safety; it is known that products made on a natural basis are much safer and more beneficial to use than pharmaceuticals.

CBD is the newest hype among pet supplements. Since it was officially legalized for use and removed from the list of controlled substances, its demand has increased many times. The market for pet products and goods based on this hemp derivative has flourished.

The wide distribution and availability of CBD pet products are probably one of the reasons why your dog should try them. A lot of information about CBD for dogs and positive customer feedback probably affected your decision, too. But what has ruled is scientific research on this compound, which is very extensive and promising. you can also Read some tips for care after spaying your dog or cat in this article.

Not a Cure-All

There are many things to consider before you give CBD to your four-legged friend. You have to know the difference between regular medication and this supplement. You must also look for lab reports and possible side effects from products containing this compound. Finally, it would help if you chose the dosage that is right for your pet.

But above all, it’s essential to know that CBD is not a magic potion that will cure any disease. Indeed, this hemp derivative has numerous beneficial effects, and science has proven many of them. Moreover, an extensive study on the effectiveness of CBD is still underway. But, that’s still not enough to declare this natural remedy a cure-all.

For now, it is important to know that cannabidiol is absolutely safe for animal consumption and that adverse drug interactions are minimal. Due to its natural origin, it can’t harm your pup. It may not always be as effective as you thought, but it certainly won’t worsen your pet’s health.

Product Type

CBD is found in many dog-friendly products. As the market grows, so does their supply. The most common are oils, tinctures, different kinds of edibles, topical products, and even pills. Each of these products is specific and contains a pre-determined dose of cannabidiol. So, you can use each of them to treat certain health conditions of your pet.

You may be aware that different types of CBD are used in hemp products – full and broad-spectrum and isolate. You can find out more about them at this web source. Although each of these types has its good sides, full-spectrum is still not desirable for animal use. THC can be potentially toxic, so there is no need to take risks.

So you should always choose broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate goods for your dogs. Isolate is good, as you get full benefits of its minimal dose. But broad-spectrum products bring more benefits to your pup’s health. They contain a bunch of cannabinoids and terpenes. Reputable manufacturers have lab reports and COA with these details.

Dosage Requirements

Another thing to consider is CBD dosage requirements. You must give it to your furry buddy following the directions on the label. That means you should always purchase it from a reputable company that has established itself in the market. That ensures that you will get consistent product quality and CBD dose.

Factors that affect dosing include age, size, medical history, and tolerance to this compound. Pay particular attention to these, especially if you didn’t give hemp goods to your pup so far. Always start small and watch their reactions. You can alternate the dose depending on how your pet responds.

Sick and healthy dogs of the same size and age won’t need the exact CBD amount. Also, pups prone to allergies should skip hemp products, as they can develop another allergy. If you don’t want any risk, you can always contact your vets for advice. They will give you the most accurate dosage recommendation.

Administration Method

The good thing about pet CBD products like oils and tinctures is that dogs can take them in various ways. That means a lot, especially if they suffer from a specific condition or are simply picky. For example, an animal in pain won’t look forward to a dropper inside the mouth. Touching sore spots on the dog’s body can be disturbing for them.

The way of CBD ingestion will depend primarily on the dogs’ health, their weight, and then on their selectivity. Oral ingestion is the most convenient, but pups usually prefer CBD-infused treats and meals. Skin application provides almost immediate relief and comes in handy for treating injuries and acute pain.

Recommended administration methods are listed below:

Last but not least is to find out about possible CBD side effects. Luckily, this list is pretty short, and it’s usually about mild nausea, tummy issues, or temporary appetite disorders. Manufacturers are obliged to list these on product instructions. That way, you can find out all the risks of this natural supplement. If any of these lasts for more than a few days, exclude CBD from your pup’s supplementation and reach your vet for further instructions.

There are many things to consider when using cannabidiol for dogs. But before your pet starts with this treatment, make sure you know all about it. These tips will ensure a positive effect on your beloved pup. By taking the time to do research, you will have a happier and healthier dog by your side.

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