There’s Someone Inside Your House: Starcast, Themes and Characters

There’s Someone Inside Your House, the horror film based on true events. Many people are curious about this movie and want to know more. There’s no time like the present! There’s Someone Inside Your House- Starcast

What is the release date of There’s Someone Inside Your House?

Netflix confirmed that ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ will premiere on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021.

Netflix will be available to all of its subscribers.

They announced the film’s development in March 2018. They said they would release it in 2020. Netflix will show a movie on Wednesday, October 6th. The horror movie is going to be released on Netflix. It will be available for everybody who has a subscription to Netflix. This news from the people who make the movie and Netflix has gone away from all the rumors that were online.

Now, fans are very excited to see the movie on screens. But it will take a month from now for the movie to come out. That makes people happy because they can start looking for the movie now. Once the creators make it on the screens, we will share details about it. Watch this space for more updates.

What is the plot of There’s Someone Inside Your House?

The film follows Makani Young, a student who moves to a small town in Nebraska to live with her grandmother permanently. Makani’s parents got divorced and she had to leave her home in Hawaii and finish high school elsewhere.

Killing isn’t the only thing that the mysterious killer does. He also wears masks that are like people’s faces. You will learn more about this as you start to count down to graduation. The author wants to show the whole town his secret.

Makani and her friends have to figure out who is behind the mask before they become the next victim.

An American horror movie will be made. It is about a girl who lives with her grandmother in Nebraska. Being from Hawaii Makani Young was forced to finish her schooling in a new place and a new school after her parents got divorced.


When she started her graduation, her classmates were terrorized by a mysterious killer. The killer used to wear a mask on the victim’s face. The goal of the killer is not to kill them, but also to tell the dark secrets about the whole town. In this movie, the characters want to know who is behind the mask. They don’t want to be victims. Makani and her friends fight to find out who is attacking them. They hope to stop this person before they are hurt. The movie has lots of scary parts in it that might scare you too.

Who will be starring in There’s someone inside Your House?

Sydney Park is a new girl in Nebraska. Her parents got divorced and she moved here from somewhere else. Sydney Park is an actress who played the character Cyndie on The Walking Dead.

In this movie, we will meet Sydney Park. She stars in the movie as Makani Young. Makani is the new girl in town after her parents divorced and she moved to Nebraska. Sydney Park has also starred in other movies and TV shows like “The Walking Dead”. In this movie, the “Family First” actor plays a role. This is the list of what each person played in the movie.

  • Sarah Dugdale as Sarah Dugdale
  • Kayla Heller as Olivia Grace
  • Andrew Dunbar as Deputy Chris Larsson
  • EmilijaBaranac as Hailey
  • MarkianTarasiuk as Jackson Pace
  • Asjha Cooper as Alex
  • Anthony Timpano as Witt
  • Dale Whibley as Zach
  • Ivy Matheson as Kayla
  • William McDonald as Mr.Sandford
  • BJ Harrison as Gam
  • Tedra Rogers as Abigail
  • Jade Falcon as Stacy
  • Sydney Park as Makani Young

Here, we are sharing a list of few unspecified roles in the upcoming film.

  • Burkley Duffield
  • Diego Joseph
  • Jesse LaTourette


There’s someone in your house. It is a movie that will be on Netflix. A director made it and he wrote the script too. The movie is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Stephanie Perkins.

Some famous people from the horror industry are in a film called There’s Someone Inside Your House. James Wan and Shawn Levy helped make it.

Dan Cohen and Michael Clear are also on board as producers. They will help us make the movie.

There is a horror movie coming out soon. It has been written by Henry Gayden and it is being directed by Patrick Brice. The movie is based on a novel from 2017 called There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins.

This horror film is still in development and most probably it will be out in the coming months. There’s Someone Inside Your House was originally announced in March 2018 which is to be streamed on Netflix. Here is some information about a show that you might be interested in. Fans are waiting to see more about it and they want to know more about the release date and cast.

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