The Ultimate SEO Guide to Magento 2

Since its inception in 2008, the Magento platform has gained high popularity. Today it is used by many well-known e-commerce companies. After the Adobe brand bought the platform in 2018, it became even more successful and in demand.

The latest data helps to see the statistics: over 280,000 stores around the world are powered by Magento. The platform allowed them to earn $155 million in 2018 alone. That is why the Magento brand is known to every self-respecting businessman working in the field of e-commerce.

It is important to understand that despite the high power of the Magento2 platform, it will still not be particularly useful and effective if you use its basic settings. To extend them and get the most out of the chosen platform, you can turn to magento development company in uk. It is there that they will tell you in detail about all the advantages of the platform and answer all arisen questions.

The Key to Excellent Magento Store Ranking

In order for any of the online stores to be found or ranked using a standard search, you should make sure that the search system used is capable of maximum speed and efficiency, including the ease of finding each of the content elements of the online resource and “understanding” it. To be successful in this endeavor, the following key SEO factors can be considered:

  1. Technology. This criterion refers to the technical basis of the online resource. It is thanks to technology that search system can quickly find and analyze a website.
  2. Relevance. This characteristic allows everyone to understand for which specific search queries articles, photos, videos or any other digital content in general are relevant.
  3. Confidence and credibility. We are talking about the relevant links that lead directly to the online resource (sites). These criteria are direct evidence that one or another online store is really reliable and has authority among Internet users.

 These three elements of SEO work equally well across platforms.

Why should any technical base be solid in the truest sense of the word?

If the developer provides a powerful technical base, search systems will effectively and readily find and analyze the content of the site. It is the core of the structure. The more reliable and durable it is, the more benefits it will bring to the business. In a situation where the foundation becomes unreliable, then this is precisely what can lead to the fact that absolutely the entire structure will be destroyed (this cannot be allowed in any way).

In order to provide a correct, efficient technical base for an online store, it is necessary to split the following items:

  • faceted navigation;
  • URL structure
  • headlines;
  • indexing and scanning;
  • meta data;
  • site speed.

It is very important to study the URL of the online store and the characteristics of the concept – then we will understand this.

SEO Optimized URL Structure

If the URL structure is designed and implemented competently and competently, then this very structure will be able to function correctly and without interruption for website visitors and any search system.

Structure development activities should be:

  • consistent;
  • concise;
  • easily readable and descriptive;
  • lowercase.

Improved management of store redirection and rewriting settings after migrating to Magento backend.

Important nuances of creating a quality Magento website

To get a top-quality product without flaws that would attract the attention of users and bring income to its owner, you can consider the following points:

  1. Use a suitable title. It is short, readable, easy to remember, unique and inviting to act. Its size of 30-60 characters – is an ideal option.
  2. Create a quality meta description. The characteristics are similar to the title, but longer – from 70 to 155 characters.
  3. Find out appropriate meta-information patterns for products and categories. It is very important when developing at the stage of choosing a specific template to get the most suitable one. After going through this step, there is an opportunity to save a significant part of personal time.

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