The Supreme Court Upheld DACA but The Trump Administration Has not Let Immigrants Apply For It

The Supreme Court Upheld DACA but The Trump Administration Has not Let Immigrants Apply For It

Trump, president of the United States Of America, has always been in the news for a different reason and this time also he and his team are in the air spreading many things about himself by not accepting applications. This application is for the Deferred Action for childhood arrivals program. He and his team narrowly denied about a month after the U.S Supreme court upheld the immigration programme and this was the first time in the History that he did it. 

Here are some key facts to it

Those who are still yet to be aware by the name Immigration Attorneys then it is cited by the Los Angeles Times Thursday. It was reported by the new applicants and it was said by the USCIS and they said ‘not accepting initial filings’. 

On the other, the news is coming that the United States and their immigration service’s website reportedly. There are many confusions are on ongoing it is indeed making people think about it because the rumours are saying that Trump did not give any administration.  But reports are even saying that Donald Trump also got agreed on the administration and he said, he will definitely take care of DACA recipients but did not clear its complete terms and conditions. On the other hand, Trump has to face the questions of why he is not accepting the new applications and he was demanded to answer these questions. That he requires supporting it because immigration advocates are calling on the Trump administration. So they need also to embark on accepting new applications by the court order. Also, those who are unaware of the fact that thirty-five senators have sent him a letter to the Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad wolf by saying the department must “immediately comply” with the supreme court ruling. 

The biggest manifestation of Trump

This statement was given to Forbes, a USCIS spokesperson also said that commencing DACA applications were sent to the supreme court and it was “rejected because of their being incomplete” and it was because of the absence of a signature and also said the application was incomplete and missing or full of in need to pay attention. Because first the official ways must be professional and this was not the official way. Because there was one more problem in the form and it was an incorrect fee and he said rejection notices for the future applications will be included as a reason for that rejection. It made so many people question as earlier this did not happen. People thought of why this happened and lots of people due to this even started blaming Donald Trump as he has always been subject to rumours. 

Important quote

“Legally, there is no basis to reject any new applications,” law professor Bill Ong Hing, director of the Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic at the University of San Francisco, told NPR. ‘I am very upset and disturbed that this is an example of politics reigning over law”.

This was the biggest important quote which has also been used by him while going through various questions. Also, by this quote so many things came out which earlier was only part of questions and people were just making assumptions. Indeed people always are like making only assumptions without knowing it and this is one of the greatest lessons. 

Rumours and some serious discussions about it

Well, when Trump for the first time denied the application it left not only parliament full of questions but also people outside waiting to know why this happened. Although, many take it as an act of Trump’ regular act and decision which never fails people to think this is not a new thing. But Trump and his team made clarification from their end and this indeed proved so many things to them and also clarified from his side. Well, not always he could be wrong (hahaha) sometimes we also must know his side.

So there are many other things too which are making people full of questions still yet. Those questions are popping up not just on their mind but also on the screen too. They are looking for the dates when these things will get sorted out and final. This deal and form are really essential one not just for Donald Trump but also whoever is connected to it. We could only wait to see when those corrections are done in the form and when all things will fall at a place because it is obvious this is indeed one of the essential applications of the Parliament. Although DACA is ruled by the Supreme Court and its administration. Wait for all the things to get done and work pretty well in the same way.

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