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Math might be one of the subjects that pose the greatest challenges to students. Getting an education is a complex journey you have already engaged in. and even though you might be among the students that do not like math, it helps you a lot in your personal life and future career. Math teaches you to pay attention to details, develop your analytical skills, but also improve your rationing. 

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So, one way to go deeper into this subject and find out more about its history and not only is by watching science films about math. The cinematographic domain is full of movies you can watch. And they contribute to your education as well. You will understand better the importance of learning math, but also its relevance for all the domains of life. 

Help With Math for Students 

If you are a student struggling with math, you should know that you are not alone. This is something characteristic of many students, as math is a complex subject. Each year it builds upon the previous one. And if you missed some classes or have not understood some theorems, you might fall behind your colleagues. So, it is important to get help with math when you feel you need it. You can use a college probability calculator, an advanced calculator that helps you solve some complex equations. A math calculator is always helpful, especially if you feel you still have a lot of math subjects to deepen. 

So, which are the movies every student should watch? Here is a selection of nice, interesting, and intriguing science films about math. 

A Brief History of Time 

If you have still not heard about Stephen Hawking, then you should start with this documentary. You might have heard about The Theory of Everything, the movie that won at the Oscars. That is also one of the movies you should see as it sheds more light on the life and struggles of the great physicist Stephen Hawking. But A Brief History of Time is written by Stephen Hawking, so it has his charm and way of presenting phenomena. It is one of the greatest documentaries you will watch that might instill in you the pleasure of learning math or other domains that are deeply intertwined with it. 

Good Will Hunting 

A movie that you might have heard of but not watched. It is about math, but other things as well, such as demotivation and loss of interest. It is about a genius in math that has other social problems, so that interfere with his progress. What could be the result of this? Watch the movie and discover. 

A Beautiful Mind 

Watch A Beautiful Mind to learn more about John Nash who is a math genius that accepted a new challenge. He was currently working at MIT when the Pentagon made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He was supposed to search for clues where a bomb is planted. This movie is based on a true story and it shows the tale of a great mathematician who was later diagnosed with a mental health condition that was severely impairing his progress. 

The Imitation Game 

Are you passionate about history? And about math? Then this movie is a must-watch. It is about the incredible life of Alan Turing, a great mathematician who played a crucial role during World War II. he might be considered the inventor of artificial intelligence and computer science, as he managed to crack a code and deliver important cues during the war about the enemies. A movie you should not miss. 

Final Thoughts

If you are among the students who do not like math, then you should know that you are not alone. Math anxiety is common among people, and even adults are suffering from it. However, there might be some ways you can find out more about math in a pleasant way. And one of these is watching movies. There are a lot of films you can choose from that will shed more light on the history of math and its inventors. Math is deeply intertwined with other subjects such as physics, computer science, or artificial intelligence. Watch these movies and find out more about math. 

Bio lines: James Collins is a content writer and journalist. He is a huge fan of Stephen Hawking and has read all his books. The documentaries about his life and achievements are the ones that James always recommends.

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