The Sandman On Netflix: An Original Drama Coming For The Fans

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The Sandman has been struggling for a release for many years now. We have it sorted! Netflix has finally taken over the job to make a series out of the original comic book written by Neil Gaiman.

Here’s everything we know about The Sandman that you must know before you get started.

Netflix has announced that The Sandman will be released on Netflix. But not without having some original content included! It is the first time someone had decided to pick up this comic book for an adaptation since it was written. The comic book was written 27 years ago.

Netflix will have a Live-Action Adaptation of The Sandman

We do not know a certain date yet for the release of The Sandman. But the show is coming to your favorite streaming platform. The Sandman has been out for many years now and some people have read the comic book more than once. It might not seem like anything special at first sight since you cannot watch it yet.

Undoubtedly, The Sandman will have the live-action treatment which means that it will get adapted to a television series. The first season of the show will be based on the first two graphic novels. These are Preludes & Nocturnes and The Doll’s House. In Preludes & Nocturnes by Neil.

The plot will be based on the Book Series by Neil Gaiman

The plot of the story will spin around Dream, one of the seven Endless beings whose existence predates the gods. David S. Goyer has been co-author of the script of the series. Moreover, it is an adaptation of the original comic book.

The Dream will be searching for his three symbols of power, his ruby, his helm, and his pouch of sand in the upcoming series. We will get to know more about the origin of his journey and his exploits with other characters from the comic book.

Tom Sturridge is starring as Dream in The Sandman

We have gathered all the information about Tom Sturridge’s role in The Sandman series. Neil Gaiman is currently working on scripts for some episodes of The Sandman. That is why Netflix has been giving the names of the cast in the order of the appearance in the episodes.

Netflix unveils its Sandman cast: Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, and  more |

Tom Sturridge will be playing Dream. His portrayal on the screen has earned him nominations for Golden Globe Awards twice along with an Emmy Award nomination under Outstanding Guest.

The other members to join Tom are Gwendoline Christie to play Lucifer, Vivienne Acheampong as Lucienne, and Charles Dance as Roderick Burgress. Netflix has also confirmed Boyd Holbrook as The Corinthian, Asim Chaudhry as Abel, and Sanjeev Bhaskar as Cain for the first season.

We will also see Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, Mason Alexander Park as Desire, and Donna Preston as Despair.

The last names announced by Netflix for The Sandman include Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine, Niamh Walsh, and Joely Richardson as younger and older versions of Ethel Cripps. We will have David Thewlis as John Dee, Kyo Ra as Rose Walker, Stephen Fry as Gilbert, Razane Jammal as Lyta Hall, Sandra James Young as Unity Kincaid, and Patton Oswalt as the voice of Matthew the Raven.

The first-ever teaser of The Sandman was released at Netflix’s TUDUM event on September 25, 2021. We can see all that can make us excited about watching the series. The footage ends with Corinthian addressing Dream, “You’re gonna need all the help you can get.”.

Release Dates for The Sandman

As we do not have any release date for The Sandman’s Season One, we can only anticipate it. It is likely to release by the end of 2021. If not this year, we can expect it to launch in early 2022. It has been a much time since we got to see Neil Gaiman’s work come alive. We cannot wait for the release date of The Sandman and it is all thanks to Netflix!

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