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The Purge 6: Is the Horror Movie Happening? All The Details

There’s always room for a new Purge movie! So, the Purge 6 might as well happen!

The Purge is a 2013 American dystopian action horror film written and directed by James DeMonaco. The first installment in the franchise was released on June 7, 2013.

The stories of the movie series take place where America has become an economic wasteland of unemployment and poverty with crime at an all-time high. Citizens are given one day per year to purge their violent urges without consequence for 12 hours each night from 6 pm to 6 am called “The Purge”.

The Purge with the chaos and dread might return to the screens!

All We Know About the Latest Updates of The Purge 6

The last movie to feature in the franchise was The Forever Purge claiming attention from all which came in 2017. The idea of a sixth movie has been going around for a while, but the latest updates have given rise to much more attention from the fans and viewers alike!

James DeMonaco, the creator of the show, confirmed to the media that The Forever Purge will be the last movie in the franchise. But the chill that spread through the viewers was quenched by his words that a new sequel might be coming in the not very distant future!

Will Purge 6 be the final Purge movie? Will the movie win hearts yet again? Let’s just wait and watch!

The creator’s confirmation of the franchise getting over has actually created more buzz around it. The viewers are not letting go of this idea and want to carry on with their favorite horror movie series! It is still vague whether or not James DeMonaco will direct any other sequel in Purge, but if he doesn’t then there might be a lot of disappointment around.

Purge 6 Script Is Complete, Will Feature "Remapped" America
Source: Screen

It is still not clear whether or not writer James DeMonaco will continue to direct further installments in the Purge franchise. However, it’s too early to say anything now as nothing has been confirmed so far by either of them yet. But hopefully, they will soon come up with a final decision!

Release Dates of The Purge 6

While the last movie is still on the topic, The Purge continues to be the favorite movie series of many. We cannot expect the date for the next movie to release as there are no confirmations from the creators about the same yet. As the movie is still in its discussion phase, it might take up to a few more months or even years before we can see another one!

The Purge movies find a way to release between June and July. So, we can expect the same to be followed for the next movie too. The movies generally have a gap of one to two years. The next movie can be released by June or July of either 2022 or 2023.

Will there be Any New Faces in the Next Movie?

We are not sure about the casting of the next installment. It can be possible that some new faces will be seen in The Purge movie. We have to wait for further announcements from the makers on this matter.

Ana de la Reguera’s Adela and Tenoch Huerta’s Juan may be seen in the movie. Also, Leo Barnes and Charlie Roan can make a comeback to the 6th movie. But they are not confirmed yet.

The Purge movies always have a new theme. And along with a new cast to give a different feel to the audience. The same is expected for the next movie too!

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