The Princess Switch 3: Everything You Need to Know About Part 3

It may be hard to believe, but The Princess Switch 3 is finally happening!

Netflix released the first part of the movie on November 16th, 2018. And followed it with a sequel that premiered on November 19th, 2020. It’s not easy for anyone to keep up with all the twists and turns in this romantic comedy series.

However, here’s everything we have for you about Part Three.

Release Date of The Princess Switch 3

The third installment of the movie was announced in November last year. It was also confirmed that the movie will be released in the year 2021.

Since then, we do not have any dates confirmed for the movie. However, based on previous movies of this series, it is expected to be released in November or December this year.

We are sure that the third part of the movie has been wrapped. Vanessa Hudgens made it to the Instagram post in a black and white picture.

“What a whirlwind. Man everyone worked their asses off. AND stayed safe. BIG thanks to @netflix for taking the extra precautions to keep us on track and bring that new news to your screens. And now…I ZTFO”, Venessa wrote in the caption for the post. Thus, making us sure that the film has been wrapped.

The Princess Switch can be speculated under production. The third part is expected to be released this year.

Venessa Hudgens Returning to The Princess Switch 3

Undoubtedly, we are sure Venessa is returning back to the movie series. Sam Palladio and Nick Sagar are also confirmed along with Venessa to reprise their roles.

We also have names of Rose McIver and Ben Lamb to be back once again to give us some life. We will have more names to the list as soon as we have a glimpse at what is coming to the screen in the third part.

The plot will follow the Sequence of the Previous Film

As we already have part 2 of the movie series, we can expect a similar plot to the previous one.

The titles and names of some characters are out but apart from that nothing has been disclosed yet. We will get to know about it soon enough once the production starts again.

We had seen in the previous movie that Stacy falls in love with Prince Edward. The consequences were caused due to Stacy and Margaret switching their roles for the princess. Stacy and Edward are seen happily marries in the second part for sure. But, they are followed by the evil acts of Fiona.

There is no official information available for the plot of the new sequel. What will be the new swapping and switching? Who will have a golden destiny? Will Margaret and Stacy have another switch over?

We will have all the answers as soon as a teaser or trailer for the movie is launched.

Until then, sit tight and wait for the new updates.

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