The Misery Index Season 3

The Misery Index Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

TBS will bring you a new season of The Misery Index in 2021. It is a game show where people have to rank embarrassing and traumatic stories for money. You will be laughing while watching it. The second season of the show was ranked as the number one unscripted program on cable. So it made sense to bring back the third season for TBS.

Created by Andy Breckman, the same man who made USA’s Monk, The Misery Index is a TV show that is about being kind instead of mean. Jameela Jamil told TV Insider in 2019 that the show is about laughing with people and not at them.

“It’s not a cruel show,” Jamil said. “It’s just a funny, gross, and irreverent show, and I think that the people need a little bit more of that — we need a bit of relief because of the bad news cycle at the moment.” It made me feel really happy every day to see how we all got along and helped each other when we needed it. The show is about empathy, which I like. You have to put yourself in other people’s shoes, and that can be hard sometimes.

Season 3 is almost here! Viewers and contestants are about to be challenged to find humor in the wildest stories. I’m getting ready for season 3, can you? Here’s everything we know about what’s coming up next on this side-splittingly funny series.

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What is the release date of The Misery Index Season 3?

The Misery Index fans have been lucky. Season 2 just finished with a special that aired on December 23, 2020.

TBS is showing season 3 of the game show after only a month since it ended. It will start on Tuesday, January 26 at 10:30/9:30c. The newest season of Impractical Jokers will start on February 4th. This is the show with the Tenderloins comedy group in it.

TruTV Expands 'Impractical Jokers' Franchise; Renews 'The Misery Index' For Season  3 – Deadline

Many TV shows are facing a delay in their season because of the pandemic. But The Misery Index can keep filming. It might look different this year because of that. TBS has not released a trailer for the upcoming episodes. But it seems they will need to do something different to follow the new social distancing guidelines.

What is the plot of The Misery Index Season 3?

This TV show is about real stories. People can rank them and they do this by using a “Three Pillars of Misery” concept. The concept ranks experiences that are painful physically, emotionally, and mentally. The Misery Index is a show and it has rounded. Each team in the game listens to someone’s story and decides how they would rank in this situation. The team with the most right answers is the winner of this round and gets a prize.

In the second round, More or Less Miserable, you have to decide if one story is more miserable than the other. In this game, one team will rank the same story as another team. The team that is closer to the answer gets to win.

The show is about a person who does not have a good life. Sometimes people laugh at this person, but it’s always funny. After 2020, the show will be more like your life than ever before.

Who will be starring in The Misery Index Season 3?

I am happy because the people on this game show are coming back to do it again. The host is coming back too, and so are the other people who help with the show.

In Season 3, you will see some famous people. They include Community’s Joel McHale, Travis Kelce from the NFL, and Jon Moxley from pro wrestling. You might see them playing the game for charity or helping contestants. They will add some laughter to the show. And so far three celebrities have been on the game show, but more might come.

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