The Love Song of the Year “Insane” by KingAP & Traxeon is Streaming Worldwide

When it comes to love, most of us are not good at expressing our emotions. So, we choose music to express our feelings. “Insane” music video by KingAP and Traxeon is out now on GrooveNexus Records. If you are searching for a perfect love song to express your feelings, listen to it now on GrooveNexus Records. This song is about the beginning of love and how one feels after falling in love. Convey emotions that you might have a hard time putting into words by this song. After all, there’s no more intense feeling than love itself, and the lyrics of “Insane” can  help you convey the complexity of those emotions.

KingAP, also known as Arpit Verma, is a lyricist, singer, and rapper from Lucknow. He liked rap since childhood and was influenced by many Indian rappers like Honey Singh.  He met Traxeon in 2019, and they both made some original tracks to work together. Rohan Shukla, aka Traxeon, is an Indian DJ, Music Producer, Singer, and Songwriter. He is mainly known for his Bollywood remixes, mashups, and original works. Born and raised in Lucknow, Traxeon completed his education at AKTU and started his journey of music in clubs. In 2019, Traxeon opened his own Music House, Lucknow’s first Advance Music Production Course Academy. Soon he opened a Recording Studio too. He played in various cities and clubs like Pune, Gujarat, Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, etc. He worked with Sushant Khatri (Street Dancer 3D), Samarjeet Randhava (Zee Music Co.), Ravneet Singh (T-Series), and various other famous artists.  

 “Insane” is sung and written by KingAP and music by Traxeon. The “Insane” music video is very beautiful. The star cast is Nitya Chowdhary and Gaurav, who have acted well throughout the music video. In the whole song, a boy is madly in love with a girl and tries hard to see a smile on her face. From the song’s teaser, it seems that everyone is eager to see its music video. The music video of “Insane” will become a superhit of this year. The album ‘2k16’ features Rohit Pandey, Harshita Baranwal, Neha Rawat, and a lyricist Abhimanyu, who has co-written three songs, Ek Shaam Naseeb and Khayal, in collaboration with KingAP. Traxeon himself produces all the songs in the album. Now, this album’s music video of one of the songs, “Insane,” is out. Listen to it now on GrooveNexus Records.

KingAP and Traxeon are exuberant and hard working. You can feel the passion and perseverance in their work. They strive to give out their best and along with their team, they have  great power to keep the audiences engaged. “Insane”  is the second track form KingAP’s debut album 2K16 and its music video is now released. We are on a lookout for new talent and Social Media influencers and give them a platform to showcase their talent. Follow your dreams and turn them into reality with GrooveNexus, says DJ Himanshu Mishra, founder of GrooveNexus.”


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