The Legend of Vox Machina: What To Expect From Upcoming Series

The Legend Of Vox Machina

Fans who have watched Dungeons and Dragons know that its upcoming animated series is The Legend of Vox Machina. The upcoming animated series was first started as a fan-supported Kickstarter campaign, and the campaign was very successful; and it has also been recorded as the most funded project.

After seeing the success of that campaign, CR decided to make 10 episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina. And then the news came that the streaming program Amazon Prime also came on that project and ordered 14 episodes which in total made 24 episodes and to seasons.

It is also said that adaptations of that animated series will follow the characters from the critical role campaign, and the voicing will be done by all the original actors.

The Legend of Vox Machina release date

I know many fans have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of this upcoming animated series. It was reported that before the pandemic, the official set its release date as in late 2020, but after the lockdown, the production was not completed show all the fans have to wait for the release of this upcoming animated series.

Critical Role New Legend Of Vox Machina BTS Promo Reveals Final Character  Designs By Animation Legend Phil Bourassa - The Illuminerdi
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The streaming program Amazon Prime has also reported that it is coming soon, but it is very hard to expect or guess its release date. We will update this when we get the official release date of this upcoming animated series.

What’s the cast update Of The Legend of Vox Machina

As stated earlier, the original actors will return to voice the characters of this upcoming animated series. All the original actors who were in the critical role campaign will return to voice the characters again for the fans.

  • Laura Bailey
  • Ashley Johnson
  • Liam O’Brien
  • Taliesin Jaffe
  • Marisha Ray
  • Matthew Mercer
  • Travis Willingham
  • Sam Riegel

Other updates about the storyline

We also have some reports which reveal that the storyline of this upcoming animated series has been said before the campaign one. We also have the official synopsis of this upcoming series which says a group of adventurers who are on a mission to save the realm from deadly Monsters and evil magical forces.

In the first season, our superheroes will face huge giants, and they will confront dark Evil forces together as a group, and there they will learn that they all are like a family.

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