The journey of Transforming Africa Into a New Hub of Technology – Allied Wallet and Founder Andy Khawaja

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Allied Wallet stands to be one of the most renowned enterprises all across the world that leads in performing digital payments and transactions. It is a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. The CEO of Allied Wallet, Andy Khawaja came up with this new idea to transform the whole world, and thus, he made it a point to develop even the underdeveloped nations around the globe. He thus decided to introduce Allied Wallet Africa and thus, walked forward to create a new cashless economy in Africa. He made it a concern that Allied Wallet would be transforming the African continent into a whole new hub of technology. 

Allied Wallet and Dr Andy Khawaja’s partnership

Allied Wallet and Dr. Andy Khawaja are partnering with Aimable Mpore of Telecel Global. This news came into the highlights recently. This decision is made to bring state-of-the-art digital payment technology. He decided to help people around in performing their digital transactions so smoothly to over one billion people in Africa. Therefore, the company granted its partnership in Africa. This decision of Allied Wallet about transforming Africa has become a step of the business towards the welfare of the society as well. This decision was made to make sure that the young entrepreneurs are able to make easy transactions without any hassle.

Allied Wallet has recently come up with the Allied Wallet Africa wherein the organization has made a partnership with that of the African government. Not just that, in order to facilitate easy transactions, the company has also tied up with several local banks. Allied Wallet will create a new cashless economy, and this is certainly one of the biggest innovations that the place has never seen before. It was indeed a unique creation that the region had never witnessed prior.

Proud to bring the best technology in Africa: Andy Khawaja

Dr Andy Khawaja was indeed very happy to see that Africa was brought up with the latest technology. Indeed, that was a great day for the people in Africa. This technology was particularly made available to them for the sake of helping them with easy transactions. Andy’s partnership with the Amiable Mpore made it possible for the African continent to transform into a new hub of technology. Not just this, it has also been a place of new businesses and ecommerce promotion. 

As more and more people are being able to seek convenience in a state like Africa, the minds of the people out there are gradually opening. More and more people are able to witness smooth operations, and definitely, Allied Wallet has got an upper hand in this context. The best thing about Allied Wallet is that this state of the art technology has now become a methodology to break the existing barriers in the minds of the people.

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