The Growing Popularity of Amish Furniture in the Mid-Atlantic States

Amish furniture has a very well earned reputation for reliability, durability, and longevity. This reputation has been carved from years of carefully produced solid wood pieces known for standing the tests of time when properly maintained. Before the digital age, Amish furniture was usually only available from the source, that is, the Amish. As a reclusive people who prefer to keep to themselves except for market transactions, this made their pieces quite expensive.

Amish furniture is still expensive, sure, but for more traditional reasons. Known for hand-crafted quality using solid wood and traditional construction methods, the precision and dedication that goes into each piece is why Amish furniture is worth what you pay for, and why more people are buying that quality work.

Local is Everywhere

Thanks to the digital age, Amish Furniture Factory and other sites allow for their pieces to be purchased far and wide, both directly and through a variety of secondary markets. Still, Amish furniture’s roots are the heart of Amish country, so it’s not too surprising to learn that their pieces are growing more popular in the Mid-Atlantic.

The original home for the Amish people is Pennsylvania. From their isolated farm villages within the Cornerstone state, Amish settlements have spread through the rest of the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. Maryland in particular has seen a fair number of small but notable Amish settlements. These villages tend to be not too far from major cities, like Baltimore. Thanks to this proximity, Amish furniture can be sold more directly to people in person. The proximity to major cities also makes long distance distribution easier as well.

So it’s no surprise then that Amish furniture is becoming more popular. In an age of disposable, mass-produced products hawked for brand identity more than their actual usefulness, the durability and reliable of pieces like Amish Furniture Factory tables is easy to understand.

Classic Quality

While being close to hand is convenient for purchase, if the furniture wasn’t popular and desirable, more people wouldn’t be buying it at all. As previously noted, Amish furniture is well known and desired for its quality, so it isn’t surpassing that more people want it. This demand is due to more than quality, of course, but it makes for an impressive start.

Amish furniture is made with hand tools and solid wood, fitted into creation and made through small scale production. There solid wood pieces are well known for their quality and durability. They are also known for making use of classical designs and décor styles that stand the tests of time.

That means that not only will Amish furniture last if it is maintained, it can be passed down and made use of for generations. No wonder then that more people, especially in areas with aging populations, are making use of such pieces to help ensure comfort for their descendents.

Home, Sweet Home

Thanks to certain diseases not going away, more people are spending more time at home. Whether they’ve set up a remote office, upgraded old pieces, or simply wanted furniture that looked nice, larger numbers of people are spending more money on quality, lasting furniture.

For people that want pieces of known quality, durability, and longevity, their choice for Amish furniture is no surprise. More people spending more time at home is an easy market for furniture, and the quality of Amish furniture makes those stuck at home wanting some comfort understandable.

Wider Availability

Besides the internet making it easier to obtain Amish furniture, the pieces themselves are also becoming more widely available, despite their limited production numbers. This is thanks to several reasons. While the internet is a big help, there are other factors at work.

For one, Amish populations are spreading further to find remote regions that are less common in their homelands. As a result, there are more Amish people, which also means more Amish woodworkers. That means, despite the fact that Amish furniture is handmade and not mass produced, there are, overall, more manufacturers. There is also the fact that even the Amish recognize the laws of supply and demand, so more pieces being made shouldn’t come as a true surprise.

This increased production has ripple effects across the furniture market. Besides more makers of the furniture, there are more places to buy the furniture, both in person and online. that means it’s easier to find and purchase the pieces from retail and direct sources.

It’s also worth noting that with increased production, the secondary market is going to increase as well. That further spreads the availability of Amish furniture, meaning it is even more widely obtainable, especially as an aging population leaves their furniture to descendents who may or may not be able to keep such pieces.

The rising popularity of Amish furniture might seem peculiar, but overall it actually makes a lot of sense. For one, Amish furniture itself is of exceptional quality and longevity. Lasting quality furniture has often been in high demand, and Amish furniture is often regarded as the pinnacle of American handcrafted furniture.

Thanks to the spread of the Amish people and the internet, the furniture is more widely available, both direct from the source, via online retailers, and on the secondary market. This wider availability is strongly tied with increased demand, and the rise in demand is also pretty clear as to why.

Thanks to COVID, more people are working and living at home, and spending more time at home overall. Those people wanting quality furniture to better enjoy within their homes makes sense. Since they’re spending less on travel costs, those people can afford to obtain quality furniture, and that means more people buying Amish furniture.

More people buying more Amish furniture means more Amish furniture being made, and so on the cycle goes. While Amish furniture it well renowned for its source-driven small scale production, more people making more pieces to meet demand is just simple economics. Still, Amish furniture remains handcrafted quality work, regardless of how many places are selling the pieces.

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