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The Girl Before Set To Premiere On HBO Max: Every Detail About It

The Girl Before was announced to be under development in March 2021. It is premiere on the HBO Max channel. It is a 4-part drama adaptation of the 2016 novel, which was written by J.P. Delaney. It will be directed by Lisa Brühlmann. We have been waiting for the official news about the series.

The Girl Before is a psychological thriller film. The novel itself was a best seller. Thus, the expectations from the show are high. The Girl Before was adapted for television by J.P. Delaney, who also wrote the original novel. It will be produced in-house at HBO Max.

It will unfold some of the mysterious events and impress the audience. Let’s read further for more details about The Girl Before!

Release Date of The Girl Before is Not Yet Announced

Although, the series was ordered in March 2021. We have not received any release date yet. The show will be shooting in early 2021 for a possible release later that year or in 2022.

The Girl Before is set to premiere on HBO Max and the BBC, but no exact dates have been confirmed as of now. We do not have a trailer or any teaser yet.

But, we might soon get some links to the upcoming miniseries. Stay tuned for more updates on The Girl Before!

The Plot of the Series Will Steal the Glam of Internet

With a fresh new series, we will be able to connect with all the characters of the show. Jane will be the leading character in The Girl Before series and a probable protagonist as well. Jane will be seen moving into her new house One Folgate Street. The modern house is designed by visionary designer Edward Monkford.

The Girl Before: BBC, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, HBO Max Adapt JP Delaney Book –  Deadline

She will the one among many occupants who have to abide by the rigid rules and regulations of Monkford in order to stay at this house. She will be living with a few other tenants who might turn out to be her love interest during the course of The Girl Before series.

There will be many secrets revealed, twists, and turns in the plot. and it will be interesting to see all this unfold in The Girl Before series.

Gugu-Mbatha Raw and David Oyelowo Will Lead The Girl Before Miniseries

The cast of The Girl Before has some interesting actors playing the roles. Gugu-Mbatha Raw and David Oyelowo will be seen portraying lead roles in this miniseries.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s recent notable performances include Black Mirror: San Junipero and A Wrinkle In Time to name a few. Her portrayal of characters has been highly praised by critics.

Gugu Mbatha will be seen as Jane. Along with Oyelowo playing the role of the architect, Monkford.

There will be other notable names appearing in the series including Jessica Plummer, who’ll star as Emma. Ben Hardy has been signed for The Girl Before.

There will be other few names on the list. The star-studded series will definitely claim success in a short period of time. Let’s just wait and watch!

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