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In the Mexican Netflix telenovela The Five Juanas, five women with the same name as Juana meet in Cancun. They have a special birthmark. Revenge of the Juanas is a show about a man looking for his dad.

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Then we jump to Cancun. We meet the Juanas by cycling through introductions with various people. A singer, Juana Matilde (Juanita Arias), was stopped by federal authorities when she tried to return to Colombia. A psychic, Juana Bautista (Sofia Engberg), ended up reading tarot cards for a crappy bachelorette party. Hunza nun, Juana Caridad (Oka Giner) was trapped in her apartment while the police raided a drug HQ nearby. And Mwanza journalist, Juana Valentina (Renata Notni), who we meet spreading her mother’s ashes on the beach.

All Juanas end up at the same hotel. But an earthquake happens and everyone has to get out of the building. They are all on the party patio at this point. The Juanas find out about their birthmark in close-up. The fish-shaped mark is on their butt.

Meanwhile, we get a TV interview with Simon Marroquin. He is an important politician. It doesn’t take a mathematician to know what will happen in this story. It is very easy to figure out. But you never know what the telenovela will do next!


What shows will it remind you of?

I am not an expert on telenovelas, so I read about them in Oprah Daily. In the telenovela La Reina del Sur, a woman has a lot of money. In Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso, there are no breasts. The Five Juanas is a new show about Colombian women who share the same name. There are other TV shows about women with the same name that were made before, but they had different stories.

The typic madonna/whore moral contrast in the nun and the stripper, the logical journalist will clash with the psychic’s supernatural intuition, and the singer will try to keep them all united for their same cause. AThe plot of this show is like a 10-piece toddler puzzle. We have seen one episode, but there are still many episodes left. Hopefully, the show will get more complicated and exciting to watch!

The Five Juanas uses a lot of corny telenovela storytelling techniques. They use flashbacks and voiceover too. The production value is the same as a show on cable TV. So it does not look cheap, but it is often trashy. The show has not made me laugh much. I have been drinking coffee and not alcohol.

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