The D'Amelios Show

The D’Amelios Show: Everything We Know About It

 The stars of The D’Amelios Show are a family from Brooklyn with styles all their own. The show, which is filmed by TikTok user Charli D’Amelio, has been viewed over 3 billion times and has amassed more than 36 million followers on the social media platform. The series premieres in early September on Hulu!

The show follows The D’Amelios as they navigate the ups and downs of life together. The family consists of mother Heidi, father Marc, daughter Charli, and Dixie.

What is the Show All About?

The upcoming series is planned to be a documentary series about the family and their daily life. The show will have a comedic, lighthearted feel to it. The stars of the series are The D’Amelios themselves! The show will have broadcast on Hulu.

The protagonists, Charlie and Dixie, were the TikTok stars from the year 2019, posting short videos from their bedrooms. The two sisters became an overnight sensation and amassed a following of 20 million people. The series will be the first time The D’Amelios have taken their talents from TikTok to television!

Heidi & Dixie D'Amelio tease details of new Hulu reality TV show - Dexerto

The show is expected to premiere on September 2021, starting with season one. The two sisters grew into an unexpected internet celebrity. The D’Amelio sisters have a huge community of fans on TikTok.

The documentary was out on 3rd September 2021 with eight episodes around the story of The D’Amelio sisters and their rise to fame on TikTok. Sara Reddy is the showrunner and an executive producer of The D’Amelios Show.

The series is created by The D’Amelios themselves, who alsoco-starredd in it alongside their parents! As The D’Amelios Show continues its path to success, we hope to see many other stars like them rise from TikTok fame.

The series has received mixed reviews about The D’Amelios Show, but The Hollywood Reporter has given the show a positive review. The reviews are mainly about The D’Amelio sisters themselves and their family life on screen. Few of the viewers found the show to be “TikTok overkill,” and the remaining viewers gave thumbs up to The D’Amelio family.

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