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The Chair – Netflix Original coming soon for the fans


Netflix has officially announced that a new original series, The Chair, will be coming soon. This is the first Netflix original to have a live-action program in addition to an animated series. It will also be released with subtitles for international audiences.

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This comedy-drama will also be available in 190 countries and languages simultaneously with English subtitles for international markets. It follows a high-ranking university lecturer who has spent her life climbing up the academic ladder as she tackles sexist attitudes from colleagues at work while juggling family responsibilities at home. Ji-Yoon (Joan) can’t help but have an air of defiance about her, which we’re sure viewers will love!

If you loved Ricky Gervais’ After Life, then you’ll enjoy his new show too because it features six episodes much like that one did – all half-hour-long, just like the British show.

The Chair is the story of a young man who has been sentenced to death but is given a chance at life if he completes The Game. His only other option is execution. He agrees and must survive 30 days against his fellow inmates, who are all vying for survival as well.

It’s based around Ji-Yoon, who has made her way up through the ranks at work thanks to hard work and ambition, Still, when she applies for an opening within the “D” Department (which deals with top secrets), she finds herself sitting in a chair during one long day, which tests whether or not she really deserves such a high position.

In order to win this game, he will have to outwit them all. But how can he do that when no one knows what’s really going on? Worse yet, there may be something more sinister happening beneath the surface.

Is there any trailer for the chair?

No, there isn’t any trailer for the chair yet.

Netflix's Dramedy 'The Chair' Fills Out Cast – The Hollywood Reporter
Source: The Hollywood

What’s the plot of The Chair?

The plot of The Chair is mainly kept under wraps, but it has been revealed that Ji-Yoon (Oh) is the first woman Chair of the English department at Pembroke University, and she faces high expectations. Professor Joan Hambling (Taylor), a witty, no-nonsense English professor working in the department, is her close friend and confidant. While this gives very little away, we can be sure that the series will explore the hardships of Ji-Yoon being the first Asian woman to have such a high position in that department, as well as provide many comedic moments along the way.

How many episodes will The Chair have?

Netflix’s The Chair is confirmed to feature six half-hour episodes, much like Ricky Gervais’ After Life.

Cast and Updates:

The cast includes Taylor (Professor Joan) and Jin Ha (Ji-Yoon), with guest appearances by Stephen Fry, Benjamin Oreskes, and Ashley Jensen, among others.

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