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The Burden of Truth: Will There Be Season 5?

The Burden of Truth is a Canadian legal drama television series that first aired on January 10, 2018. The show was created by Brad Simpson and executive-produced by Kreuk, Ilana Frank, and Jocelyn Hamilton. It follows the life of lawyer Joanna Hanley (Kristin Kreuk), who has to balance her two identities: one as an honest defense attorney in small-town Saskatchewan and the other as the ruthless prosecutor in the big city of Montreal.

Burden Of Truth' Ends With Season 4 – Deadline
Source: Deadline.com

Despite being criticized for its lack of originality, it became one of CBC’s top-rated shows with over 1 million viewers per episode within its first-month airing. When will there be another season? We are uncertain about the future of the series!

Is it the End of the Series?

Yes! The show gained some popularity and was renewed for new seasons until the 4th season aired this year. The Canadian Legal Drama was canceled by CBC after the fourth season, so it will not return for the fifth season.

Final Season of the Burden of Truth

The 4th season was the final season of the Burden of Truth. The show spin around Joanna Chang and Billy trying to grow their new law firm while managing parenthood, romantic relationships, and professional careers.

CBC has not announced any more seasons of the series at this time, which is very unfortunate for fans who have fallen in love with Joanna Chang, Billy Crawford & company! The show was canceled after its fourth season this year.

It was sad news for the audience as the show had a very high viewership. The first season aired this year with an average of one million viewers, making it CBC’s highest-rated drama for 2018 so far!

The show, although it received critical acclaim from the audience, also faced some criticism. Some of it was about its lackadaisical writing, while others felt that the show too closely resembled a drama rather than getting into more serious topics such as corruption in politics and law enforcement.

But all in all, the series has met an end, and the audience is still trying to cope with it.

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