The best Elearning Authoring Tools that makes authoring as easy as a cakewalk

Contents are the prime marketing tool for an online business, as it alone has the potential to communicate the nature of the business to its clients sitting on the other side of the pole. Creating powerful content and marketing appropriately assures a business that it is taken at the doorsteps of its prospects. 

People don’t appreciate the mere write-up but would only be interested to read contents that engage them, entertains them, provides them with solutions and experiences. Giving them information in the form of stories is powerful than bouncing essays. A lot of creativity and long-term clear vision is expected from the content writers to create unique and engaging content.

Several Elearning authoring tools are available to help them provide valuable content to their readers, the write-up has to be well researched, grammatically correct, and easy to understand by the clients, and interesting as well.  Most writers use basic tools such as Grammarly, plagiarism checker, etc., but there are some advanced tools as well to help them write unique, engaging, and highly converting content, and those are discussed here

Powerful tools for effective Elearning Authoring skills:

    1-750 words:

Websites need to post content regularly to gain the attention of search engines and gain scope for conversion. This is one tool that helps the writer write regularly and offers a private space encouraging its writers to write on any topic for 750 words. It helps in creating a habit to write, to type fast, and to train the mind to think without distractions. The tool also appreciates the writing efforts by offering points for writing more words and more regularly. Writing here is regarded as a psychological therapy as well as the tool analyzes the mindset and feelings of the writers and helps the writer introspect themselves better.

    2-A Soft Murmur:

This tool helps the writer to ease off boredom while writing and plays a soft ambient musical sound in the background to help them concentrate on their work and write more efficient content. The tool has proven to be efficient in enhancing productivity as it keeps distractions away while writing. 

    3-Blank Page:

This tool helps in motivating the author within the writer and helps them in writing a long piece of content such as Novels. The tool offers a clutter-free blank space for writing, to help authors write more and organize their write-ups. It helps in setting up goals for the number of words they wish to write in a day, tracks the progress of the write-up, and inspires authors to complete their tasks better and faster. The tool works on all devices thus helping the writers to write from anywhere and at any time. 

    4-Calmly Writer:

The tool includes a focus mode and helps writers to focus on their work, it highlights the paragraphs that they are editing at a time and offers auto-save options and easy formatting steps. It saves copies both locally and also on the cloud and could turn on its dark mode to help writers write in white on black background. 

    5-Cliché Finder:

This is a writing modification tool and helps writers find overused and repeated phrases that don’t add sense to the content. It highlights clichés after checking the writing and informs where the text needs alterations. This simple tool with a minimal design helps to improve the quality of the content and helps in creating quality content that converts. 

Bottom Line:

This is a comprehensive list of Elearning authoring tools that helps authors and writers to help them create compelling content. You can gain expert access to more such tools at Whatfix and enhance your writing and authoring skills to great levels. The list is indeed enormous and exists to make the entire process of content creation a smooth one. The writers are also able to save a lot of time, as these tools help them with quality checks, topic research, and proofreading. The tools render the writers a lot of time to focus on enhancing the quality of the content and focus less on other issues such as spell errors and copy scape issues. 

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