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The Auschwitz Report is a book that takes you inside the notorious Nazi death camp. The author, Deborah Dwork, presents the voices of those who were imprisoned and tortured in this place. The film reveals how they survived and remembers their stories for all time. The reviews are positive: most people found it to be extremely well-written and informative. The essays explore difficult subjects such as death, extermination, cruelty, powerlessness, and hope in an unflinching but hopeful way.

It is hard to imagine unimaginable horror. Alfred Wetzler and Rudolf Vrba were not believed when they told about the genocide at Auschwitz. Director Peter Bebjak’s “The Auschwitz Report” is Slovakia’s official entry to the international category in last year’s Academy Awards. The film measures the gap between what happened and what people thought when they saw it.

The movie’s scenes at Auschwitz show that people are often cruel to one another. Some people will watch this movie and be sad. Bebjak wants you to remember what happened. He took pictures that are black and white with no color. When you see them they will be difficult to forget. The fact that Freddy and Valer had trouble being believed is the most important thing about this movie. But the way that Bebjak tells the story, with Freddy and Valer’s escape taking up two-thirds of the movie, pays off in a surprising ending.

The beginning of the movie is very sad. It shows cruelty and slaughter at Auschwitz-Birkenau. This happens every day. Some people who try to escape will get punished. You can see that in the stories of other prisoners. They are not used to all the punishment, and it is shocking for them. When Freddy walks into a barracks with a lot of dead people, his mind focuses on the information about the Nazis’ genocide rather than what is happening in front of him. He and his fellow writer will do a hard thing to show the world about Auschwitz. They have been training themselves for this to survive.

What are the fans expecting from the story?

The story is about a man who was at camp Auschwitz. He and his friend hid under some boxes for a while. They were waiting to get out of the camp. In the meantime, their friends in the ninth barrack are punished for their disappearance. They have to stand outside with no clothes on for a long time. The Nazi officer will come and punch them sometimes. A group of people has promised to do everything they can, including giving their lives, to show the Allies about the camps and make sure they get bombed so no one can see them. The film shows how camaraderie and shared responsibility between the prisoners. They show the difficulty of each step toward justice.

Who will be starring in The Auschwitz Report?

  •  Noel Czuczor as Freddy
  • Peter Ondrejička as Valér
  • John Hannah as Warren
  • WojciechMecwaldowski as Kozlowski
  • JacekBeler as Heršek
  • Jan Nedbal as Pavel
  • Christoph Bach as Schwarzhuber
  • Florian Panzner as Lausmann
  • Michal Režný as Marcel
  • KamilNożyński as Juzek
  • Aleksander Mincer as Kaczmarek
  • KsawerySzlenkier as Adamek


Two eyewitnesses talk to a Brit for the Red Cross. They were not expected. The actor John Hannah plays this person. Bebjak and DP Martin Ziaran make sure the camera is rolling so people can watch the performance, which is on TV later. It is hard to believe, but the story of Freddy and Valerin in this book is different from other stories about people in war. The differences are so big that it is hard to comprehend. The film is a powerful reminder of what has happened in the past. It is also a warning to never underestimate these types of events happening in the future.

The first two acts of the movie follow Wetzler and Rosenberg as they try to hide and wait to get out. They are in a very small, dark place with boards on the walls.

While this is happening, other people are also very frustrated. They are trying to get information about the missing prisoners. They make people do bad things. It is hard to watch moments like this, but they are not as bad as when Nazis do worse things on film.

The movie’s pacing slows down a bit, but it is still involved. The two men escape from the camp and go to another one. They try to get out of Europe with help from resistance members they meet on the way.

The performance is good. John Hannah, who was in the movie “Sliding Doors” appears near the end as a Red Cross representative. They need to convince him to help them escape Auschwitz. Someone kept detailed notes of the horrible things that happened at Hitler’s extermination camps.

A book from 1944 has saved many people from going to Auschwitz. It is a fantastic and necessary story.

Martin Ciaran did a good job making this film. He was creative, made it seem like you were there, and even went upside-down sometimes.


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