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The Army of the Dead 2: All Information Related To It

Army of the Dead 2 is an upcoming horror movie that is set to release in 2020. Army Of The Dead 2 all information related to it, Army of the dead 2 trailers, Army of the dead 2 casts, Army of the dead 2 plot.

What is the release date of Army of the Dead 2?

There might be a sequel to Army of the Dead. It is not being made now, but we will have to wait a bit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder will first work on his Star Wars-inspired movie Rebel Moon. That will happen in early 2022. After that, Snyder is going to make another horror movie sequel.

We don’t know how long it will take to make another movie, but we think that the earliest it could start is late 2022. That means that your next movie might not be on Netflix until late 2023. It is speculation, for now, so we will update you if we have any more new information.

What is the plot of Army of the Dead 2?

Most likely, another zombie apocalypse. Vanderohe would be the cause of a new outbreak in Mexico’s capital. This means that the Army of the Dead 2 story will happen there.

After the release of his movie, Snyder spoke to The Film Junkee. He said why he chose Mexico City to be the next “ground zero” for a zombie outbreak. He said: “You can’t build a wall around that.” This is different from how the US government walled off Las Vegas with many containers.

If there is a new zombie apocalypse, people could also return. For example, Kate might be able to help because she is the only survivor. She would be very helpful and important for trying to get rid of Vanderohe’s army.

Army of the Dead 2 Idea Is Insane, Says Zack Snyder

Zombies are going to start attacking Mexico’s capital city, Vanderohe. The Army of the Dead 2 is probably happening in this city.

In The Film Junkee, Snyder said he chose Mexico City for the next zombie outbreak because there is no wall around it.

A new zombie apocalypse could bring back some characters from the Army of the Dead. For example, Kate could be drafted in because she is the only survivor. If she helps, it will be really good to get rid of Vanderohe’s new zombie army.

One interesting thing is that there might be a return of Dieter in the Army of the Dead ending. We thought that he died at Zeus’ hands, but we never actually saw it happen.

If Dieter survived Zeus’ attack and the nuclear strike, his return on Army of the Dead 2 would be very interesting. Vanderohe was a character that liked Dieter very much in Army of the Dead. It might be good to see what happens if he caused another outbreak. We would like to see how Dieter reacts to this. Will he be brave enough to kill his friend if he needs to? We want to know.

Snyder said that you couldn’t see Dieter die. We don’t see him die. But if he is in a horror movie, we know he dies because it is a rule of horror movies. The next Army of the Dead 2 could explain what those robot zombies are about.

Who will be starring in Army of the Dead 2?

There are not many survivors in the book Army of Dead. So there will not be a sequel to this book about these people.

Only Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe and Ella Purnell’s Kate Ward are very likely to survive. But as we mentioned before, even though he is young, Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe is going to be a zombie any moment! If our dad gave us money before he died, we would get away from zombies.

But maybe they are not dead. There is a theory that there is a time loop, and it might be like this. We watched the bodies of Ludwig and Geeta, but we don’t know if they are alive or not.

In a horror movie, it is true that if you don’t see someone die, they will come back. But in this story, we do not see Dieter die. It is fair for us to say this because if we don’t see someone die in a horror movie, they will come back and try to kill the main character again.

Like the first movie, the second one could also have a fresh cast. Maybe Hardwick will come back for just a small part in it. Or he might be a zombie. Zombies can’t talk unless they can in this movie too.

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