The 10 Simpsons quotes that everyone wishes weren’t true

When ‘shows’ such as The Simpsons are taken into consideration, then it speaks about an overall era that is full of association, belongingness, trust, and the times that make us feel crazy and awesome. Yes, why not, when the era has extended into more than three decades, and it is still going great guns? The Simpsons has been a show that makes us laugh and grin at the same time. It has been one of the shows with the tag of being the longest-running sitcom the industry has seen or experienced. 

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The character of Homer Simpson is obviously considered to be full of amusement, which enhances the level of fun with his rib-tickling comedy. There is a broad series of emotions that complete the whole series. One of them relates to the characters showcasing anger, which is perfectly played along with the essential questionable traits, etc, which generates a sense of curiosity. Hence, considering the aspect of fun that the show has been synonymous with, let’s take a look at the funny quotes that give us a moment to feel happy and blessed. Let’s now take a look at a few of the rib-tickling and memorable quotes that the show produces:-

 Respect will be evident till you are on TV (Episode 15, Bart the Fink season 7) 

In other words, Respect will be evident till you are on TV. Bart gave the above convincing reply to Krusty, as he was charged with evading taxes. As a result, he faked his death so as to get out of the sudden and untimely charges as serious as this. 

However, Bart tried to comfort and console him with the response. In reality, there have been more severe charges that people on TV have been associated with, where they have been forgiven for adultery or abuses arising out of conflicts in marriages, and where tax evasion has been nothing in comparison. 

“Family. Religion. Friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business.”

In other words, Family, friendship, and religion are the impediments that you need to overlook if you want to gain success in business. It is everyone’s dream to have a booming career along with a quality personal life. However, in the actual scenario, those people who try to curb the voices of others by stepping on them are duly rewarded. Based on the positive approach, one has to be optimistic, as there is no need for everyone to be Mr. Burns. 

“I’m not popular enough to be different.”

Occasionally, artists like Prince or Lady Gaga can be respected and loved by others in such an increasing manner that they naturally become the reason to be flamboyant. Well, trying to relate the same with us, indeed, we don’t have the ‘said’ luxury. However, throughout the episode, Homer can be seen going to work in a pink t-shirt and is sent to a mental institution where he gets in touch with Michael Jackson. 

“Never help anyone.”

The quote can be better related to The Simpsons’ version: “No good deed goes unpunished.” One needs to consider the humanitarian cause that necessitated Lisa to create a positive influence on Mr. Burns. However, as per the quote, he disregarded her environmentalism by creating even further dangers to the environment. Hence, it is essential to help the right people by exercising caution. 

“You Don’t Win Friends With Salad”

It is derived from The Simpsons, which basically originates after one of the characters suggests not to take salad to a barbeque over meat. 

“I love legitimate theater” (A Fish Called Selma, season 7, episode 19)

The significance of the event matters. Rightly so, as Homer has said, the above quote during the launch of the Planet of the Apes musical starring Troy McClure. When the statement was said, it was perceived to be exaggerated and out of context. Since then, people have got the notion that it is far-fetched. However, now, everyone has started relating to the same since there has been Legally Blonde, The Bodyguard, Spider-Man, Rocky, Bring it On, etc. Hence, considering the kind of renowned characters with their dedication, hard work, honesty, and creativity, it is no wonder that the legitimacy of theater is well maintained. 

“Most of you will never fall in love and marry out of fear of dying alone.”

Again, there is a quote that is funny and has a profound and relevant message, holding proximity to the current situation.

When asked by Samantha about the possible situations where the individual will know that they are actually in love. To which Mrs. Krabappel responded so as not to worry. Since many people won’t be experiencing love due to the approaching threat of dying alone. 

As long as everybody is videotaping everybody else, justice will be done.”

It is true that when legal proceedings take place, the most significant proof is regarded to be in the form of videos that speak volumes about the actual situation. The quote simply speaks about it as it relates to the allegations leveled by the babysitter who accused Homer of sexually harassing him. This was quite a serious charge, and had it not been for the video that was revealed, Homer’s problem would have turned manifold. Thankfully, a life-saving mechanism happened in the form of a videotape, which the Groundskeeper filmed. Hence, the ground reality came in front of everyone to see and judge the actual scenario. 

 “Kids, you tried your best, and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.”

Well, this may have been Homer’s motto. Well, as funny as it could get, he, in reality, tries something or the other every week. 

However, the actual significance of the quote originates when he consoles Bart and Lisa after they aren’t successful in the auditions that happened. This, in fact, has been an extremely demoralizing factor for them. 

There has been a general perception about the extent of people who feel scared and get demotivated the moment they fail, and then it is straightforward for them to follow Homer’s advice.  

However, it is essential never to listen to him when things don’t work for you. If you try again, then 80% of success is awaiting you.

 “Every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain.”

It is unfortunate part that as you start growing old, the feeling that Homer is proper starts to sink in you. The brain works incredibly; however, like with everything else, it also comes up with its limits, with the exception of people like Marlo Thomas. 

It is essential that learning makes us better, and we should never stop learning. However, on the same lines, when our brain finds a space for new learning, then it automatically starts to remove old learning. The sad part is that we are unable to make a choice about the possible aspects we need to keep in the brain.

Final Quotes

The quotes of Homer are funny, yet many have a hidden meaning as they belong and define themselves to a realistic situation. In short, besides being hilarious, they give us moments to create a reflection about reality. 

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