Teenager shot in Metrobus: Montgomery police investigating!

A teenager was shot dead on a Metrobus on Friday evening. The Montgomery County police in Maryland are working to find the man who has shot him down. The officers started the investigation on Friday at 7.45 PM. Thus, a Metrobus was pulled over, and they started enquiring why the passengers were getting off on Lockwood drive in the White Oak region. Getting to know, they discovered that someone had been shot. The officers responded immediately and tried to offer first aid and call the paramedics for assistance. However, Justice T’Ziyan Elliott died right on the scene. This incident occurred just near the busy White Oak shopping center.

Elliott shot dead: Information wanted by the police.

Elliott was seated at the back of the Z6 bus. Then, a man came on board and confronted him. The man immediately pulled out a handgun and was shot right there in front of other passengers. Immediately, they ran off the bus. The man wore a black face mask, wherein they were hoping to hear from everyone who was riding the bus or had got any info related to the shooting incident. A reward tip of 10,000$ to a successful prosecution was responsible for the shooting. In case anyone gets any information, call Crime Solvers of Montgomery County at 866-411-TIPS (8477).

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