Technical Career Institute Closed, Laid Off 211 Employees


The Technical Career Institute filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification in the New York City Region on September 1. The notice indicates that the institute closed and laid off 211 employees on September 1.

The TCI College of Technology at 320 West 31st Street offered 14 associate degree and certificate programs. The two-year college served New York City and the surrounding areas.

The institute also announced the closing on its website.

  1. The last years were a disaster for students who had no idea on what they were doing and every class they had to take again would add up more debt. It was basically a scam that only a tiny amount of people who saw this could benefit from.

    The vast majority would register thinking that at the end they would get a job but if you was in a field such as networking and didn’t think about getting experience or certificates then you had a student with a piece of paper (diploma), 10k-30k+ student debt and nothing else.

    The professors knew this would happen since 10 years ago the college was extremely busy and had a lot of clubs open unlike last year where some classrooms had less than 10 people.

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