Prince George’s County Reaching Out To Homeless Residents And County Veterans

County Executive Rushern L. Baker III has recently joined forces with Prince George’s County Department of Social Services (PGCDSS) to reach out to homeless residents and County veterans. The 6th Annual Veterans... Read more »

Tips For Helping Prince Georgians Repay Their Federal Student Loans

Millions of Americans are feeling the burden of student loans. Many college graduates will find employment immediately after graduation, while others will go months, even years trying to find a job based... Read more »
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Pumpkin Composting Program Is Designed To Reduce Disposal Of Fall Decorations

Prince Georgians enjoy decorating their homes and lawns with fall decorations. However, when the season comes to an end the items often end up in the trash bin. This refuse would normally... Read more »
Prince George’s County, Maryland: Municipal Solid Waste Collection And Drop Off Centers

Prince George’s County, Maryland: Municipal Solid Waste Collection And Drop Off Centers

The Waste Management Division is responsible for managing, collecting, reducing, recycling, and disposing of municipal solid waste in the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient manner. All of this is possible through the... Read more »

An Overview Of The Prince George’s County Memorial Library System

Prince George County, Maryland strives to provide the citizens with reliable access to study materials and information. Many citizens do not have home Internet assess, but with 18 branches scattered throughout the... Read more »

Prince George’s County, Maryland Automated Red Light Enforcement System

According to the Maryland State Highway Administration (Maryland SHA), motor vehicle accidents at signalized intersections are often linked to red light running. The Maryland SHA has worked diligently to put a stop... Read more »

What You May Not Know About The Prince George’s County, MD Health Department

Before the enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2013, there were 20.3% non-elderly adults (between the ages of 18-64) uninsured. This percentage has gradually dropped over the past three years. According... Read more »

Morningside Town Hall and Prince George’s County Municipalities and Communities

Living within Morningside, Maryland is undoubtedly a joy. However, there may come a time when you need to reach out for assistance. The civil servants of your local municipality will be more... Read more »

A Comprehensive Overview Of Maryland Fingerprint Records

Times have definitely changed and with this, the paper fingerprint card is no accepted, as a primary source of identification. In today’s electronically crazed world, digital fingerprint images have become the new... Read more »