Wild Groundhog Confirmed To Have Rabies Found At The Maryland Zoo

A wild groundhog found at the Maryland Zoo has tested positive for rabies, according to state health officials. The zoo officials confirmed that the groundhog was not part of their animal collection.... Read more »

Maryland Zoo Welcomes 4-Year-Old Southern White Rhino, Jaharo

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is home to a 22-year-old rhino, Stubby, who will soon receive a new companion at the advice of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The 4-year-old white... Read more »
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Baby African Penguin Chicks At Baltimore Zoo Take A Plunge For The First Time

Last week, the Penguin Coast staff decided that it was time for seven endangered African penguin chicks to join the rest of the colony in the outdoor pool. The chicks, Sputnik, Hubble,... Read more »

Two Orphaned Grizzly Bear Cubs Will Move Into The Maryland Zoo

The Maryland Zoo recently adopted a pair of female-orphaned grizzly cubs from the wilderness of northwest Montana. The tiny grizzly cubs were left stranded in an apple orchard, where their mother lay... Read more »