Graduates Of Baltimore City Community College Will Be Offered Free Tuition To Coppin State

On Friday, Coppin State University unveiled plans to offer city public high school graduates, who earn an associate degree from Baltimore City Community College free tuition. Earlier this month, Mayor Catherine Pugh... Read more »

Baltimore Church Uses Sunday Service To Encourage People To Get Tested For HIV “Day Of Unity”

The Douglas Memorial Community Church, along with nearly 120 others across the country is urging people to get tested for HIV. The churches are incorporating Hepatitis C and HIV testing demonstrations into... Read more »
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New Johns Hopkins Study Suggests People Who Visits Emergency Rooms Are Often Overcharged

A new study conducted by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine revealed that in emergency rooms throughout the United States, people are overcharged for treatments and services. In fact, those people are... Read more »

Job Market Looking More Promising For The Class Of 2017

After many years of depressed wages and high unemployment, the job market is looking up for college graduates, analysts say. Job prospects for members of class of 2017 are better than those... Read more »

Pavilion At Eager Park Opening In East Baltimore Is A Positive Sign

East Baltimoreans welcomed a new addition to their community on Saturday, Eager Park. Children and young adults also joined in on the celebration, by tossing around a football, playing on gym equipment... Read more »

Johns Hopkins Made A Discovery That Could Stop The Progression Of Huntington Disease

While Huntington disease, a progressive brain disorder, is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern, Johns Hopkins’ researchers believe their discovery about how the disease progresses could lead to a way to stall... Read more »

Johns Hopkins Study Found When Domestic Violence Victims Become Chronically Ill, Violence Declines

A Johns Hopkins University-led study found low-income, chronically ill women, who thought they were close to death saw a decrease in domestic violence after receiving life-saving treatment. The study published in the... Read more »

Johns Hopkins University Of Education Welcomes New Dean

On August 1, Christopher C. Morphew, executive associate dean at the University of Iowa College of Education, will become the Johns Hopkins University dean of the College of Education. Morphew will succeed... Read more »

A New Johns Hopkins Study Suggests DNA Errors And “Bad Luck” Are Responsible For Most Cancer Mutations

Science plays a huge role in cancer research, but its use has been limited. Researchers have avoided utilizing science to estimate the different forms of cancers that are linked to particular circumstances... Read more »

Johns Hopkins University Looking For Alternatives To Replace Animal Testing

A team at the Johns Hopkins University is questioning the usefulness of testing on mice, dogs and other animals. The team aims to determine just how useful animal testing is in predicting... Read more »