A Comprehensive Overview Of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is utilized to eradicate cancer cells, by slowing or stopping the cells from growing. In some cases, the cancer cells can be eradicated, so they can no longer be detected in... Read more »

Sen. John McCain’s Glioblastoma Multiforme Diagnosis Is Worth Learning More About

Since Sen. John McCain’s cancer diagnosis hit the national headlines, people around the world are becoming more curious about the disease. According to a statement released by McCain’s office, the malignant tumor... Read more »
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Small Breast Tumors Found During Screenings May Not Be Linked To Early Detection, May Be Slow-Growing Tumors

A new study conducted by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine reveals that small tumors found in the breast during screenings are not small because they are discovered early, but biologically... Read more »

Look Good Feel Better Seminar Provides Cancer Patients With Cosmetic Tips

Chemotherapy eradicates cancer cells, but it also slows the growth of healthy cells, since it treats the entire body. Many cancer patients undergo a series of radiation and chemotherapy simultaneously. Chemotherapy drugs... Read more »