Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias: What to expect

The Sweet Magnolias is a romantic comedy about three best friends in Southern Californian suburbia. The two lead characters are mature women, Estelle Dunn and Lillian June. Estelle has been living with her husband for over twenty years. Raising their daughter and managing the family’s beach house together with occasional help from her rather scatterbrained friend Lillian June.

Throughout the series, Estelle learns she is not a good saleswoman and also that her husband wants a change in their relationship. Lillian June discovers her husband has been cheating on her. Both women deal with these challenges by regressing to their late teen years, reuniting with old friends and fellow cheerleaders at their high school reunion. The series follows the ups and downs of this transition for both women as they enter the world of dating again.

What is the Release date of Sweet Magnolias?

Sweet Magnolias is scheduled to be released on CBS in Fall of 2020.
It is not currently known if CBS will do a seasonal rebranding of CBS All Access every season, or if they will continue to release on a specific schedule. Sweet Magnolias initially premieres in the summer of 2020 and will have 6 episodes.

The first season is expected to be released on CBS All Access.

Who are the casting of Sweet Magnolias?

There will be a new character added to the show each season, as well as a few recurring characters who appear in multiple episodes throughout the season.
All three main lead characters: Estelle Dunn, Lillian June, and their neighbors Tom and Hope will remain in the show throughout Season 1.

The series was created and is executive-produced by Tina Mabry Grierson. Grierson is a writer and standup comedian based in San Diego, CA. She wrote and directed the movie “The Last Word” with her husband Chris Grierson in 2018.

What is the Plot of Sweet Magnolias?

Sweet Magnolias is meant to be a lighthearted comedy about adult relationships, from the perspective of two middle-aged women.

Estelle Dunn and Lillian June have known each other since high school, being cheerleaders together and being best friends. They remain best friends through high school and into their thirties. Even as they grow older and begin to marry, Estelle and Lillian June remain close. Estelle marries her college sweetheart, Luke, while Lillian June marries Ryan. The three, as young women, try to make the best of their lives and not grow out of their friendship. When Estelle gets pregnant at age 38, she is determined to stay a teenager for her baby. She wants as little adult contact with her husband as possible, which includes keeping him from Lillian June.

Meanwhile, Lillian June finds herself at a cross-roads. She feels as though she has been living in a dream with her husband, Ryan, due to her success in her career and their social circle. However, Ryan’s infidelity changes their relationship and their marriage comes to a breaking point. As the series begins, Estelle reveals the long time secret that she is not actually friends with Lillian June. Lillian June is actually best friends with Estelle’s daughter Meredith Dunn.

What are people saying about Sweet Magnolias?

The first season has been positively received, with critics praising the show’s comedic value and heartfelt honesty. As of December 19, 2018, “Sweet Magnolias” has scored a rating of 1.5 on TV.com, about 70% positive reviews.

One critic for “Paste Magazine” called Sweet Magnolias a “breath of fresh air,” and described it as a “boldly feminist comedy. ” After seeing the first two episodes of the series, Hillary Busis for “What’s on TV” called it “a beautifully staged, wonderfully performed and hilariously original comedy about friendship and romance” and went on to say that Sweet Magnolias was “everything I hoped it would be—so incredibly down-to-earth,” praising its approach to friendship.

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