Survive the Game Movie all you need to know

As Survive the Game movie release date approaches, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about this upcoming thriller.

What is the release date of Survive the Game Movie?

Survive the Game was released on October 8th, 2021. Other movies are releasing on that day too – No Time to Die, Lamb, and Muppets Haunted Mansion.

What is the plot of Survive the Game Movie?

Jack Mason is from Seattle, Washington. He had a friend named Hank and a dog. They both died on the same day. Jack wanted to die so Walter Cole talked him out of it by telling him that he needed to live for his daughter who was waiting for him at home. Thomas Burns is a businessman. Mason wanted to be a hunting guide. Thomas Burns was kind and offered Mason the job of hunting guide because it pays well. Mason accepted the offer even though he was not sure if he wanted it.

Flying to a remote cabin surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods, Mason meets the rest of the hunting party. The hunters all paid $50,000 for this privilege. In addition to Burns and Cole, the party includes Doc Hawkins, the founder of the hunt and a psychopathic psychiatrist who specializes in psychological assessments. There is also John Griffin. He is a Texan oilman. Then there is Derek Wolfe Sr., a wealthy executive. This is a story about Derek Wolfe Jr. Derek’s dad doesn’t know that they are hunting for food. At night, everyone eats dinner and talks. Mason gets a pack of cigarettes from Hawkins. They talk about how hard it was for Hawkins to grow up. His dad made him train his dog and then fight the dog as a lesson.

What can we expect?

The next morning, a man came in with a gun and told Mason that he was going to kill him. The other men ate breakfast while Mason had to run away. He realized it couldn’t be right and went back. The hunters had a meal and then they started to hunt for the man. (Some) of them were scared, but their father pushed them to do it. They raced through the forest, but by now Mason had returned to the cabin and was looking for weapons to use. The hunter has no trophies, so he finds one. It is a disgusting discovery. There are head butts on the wall of the hunter’s room. They are trophy heads!

Mason decides to burn the cabin down. He finds outside the cabin some chemicals that can make fire. The hunters thought he was inside and went back to the cabin. Wolfe Sr. found him burning it, then they got into a fight. Hawkins is knocked back into the cabin as the preserving agent explodes. He dies in the fire. Wolfe Jr. saves his father and spots Mason fleeing in the process. Mr. Mason tried to stay hidden, but he was caught by the hunters. He got free and then took one of the people hostage.

The second night, Wolfe Sr. and Mason fight one on one with Mason the winner. Burns leaves for the city, knowing that Mason will most likely find him. Days later, when he is in Seattle again, he prepares to leave his current identity so he can escape both Mason and legal problems.

Mason has escaped the forest and found Burns in the city. He beats up Burns and takes his gun. But instead of shooting him, Mason just leaves the gun there and walks away. Burns picks up the gun and thinks that his friend Mason has messed up. He’s going to shoot him but then he realizes that it is not easy because he changed the barrel on Burns’ gun. When Burns tries to kill him, the gun backfires and kills him instead.

Who will be starring in Survive the Game Movie?

  • Ice-T starred as Jack Mason, a homeless person who had depression after the death of his wife and child.
  • Rutger Hauer plays a businessman who leads the team of hunters.
  • Charles S. Dutton plays Walter Cole, Burns’ partner who is hunting for the prey.
  • Gary Busey stars as Doc Hawkins, a CIA psychologist and the founder of the hunting team.
  • F. Murray Abraham played Derek Wolfe Sr., a Wall Street executive.
  • John C. McGinley is playing John Griffin, an oil tycoon who lost his daughter.
  • William McNamara played Derek Wolfe Jr., the son of Mr. Wolfe Sr. and the only one in the team who didn’t know that they were playing a game.
  • Jeff Corey plays the part of Hank, Mason’s best friend who is also homeless.


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