Student Work Visa Cuts Could Hurt Seasonal Businesses


As the summer season winds down, some seasonal businesses are questioning the Trump administration’s plan to decrease or eliminate the J-1 student visa program.

Many young people who are seeking employment will only look for permanent positions. Since seasonal businesses can only offer job seekers temporary employment, it leaves them in a compromising position. To be competitive today, U.S. companies must be able to offer job seekers benefits and full-time job opportunities.

J-1 Student Visa

Many seasonal businesses have been turning to the J-1 visa program to fill their workforce, since it was implemented in 1961. Each year, the J-1 visa program provides opportunities to approximately 300,000 foreign visitors, including 100,000 students, from 200 territories and countries, according to the U.S. Department of State. Those people get to experience U.S. culture and society during their visit.

President Donald Trump claims to be the biggest supporter of American workers. In an effort to show his support, the Trump administration is considering reducing the J-1 visa program. This has raised concerns among some of Maryland’s seasonal businesses, such as vacation destinations and tourist attractions, as they fear there will not be enough job seekers interested in seasonal employment.

While the future of the J-1 visa program hangs in the balance, seasonal businesses will hold out hope that President Trump has a change of heart.

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