Student Analysis: How to Explore the Environment in Film

We are experiencing a lot of problems concerning environmental pollution. Climate change is due to global warming, loss of marine life, extinction of species, and acid rain. The rates of environmental pollution are reaching an all-time high, with carbon emissions from both cars and industries continuing to increase. It is time to start stepping up and contributing to making the environment better. Here is how students can explore and analyze the environment through film.

Real-time experiences

Through film, students can capture sounds, hues, color, peace, and all that is to the environment. These are all things that you can’t explain as well with words and clearly capture it too well. You get to capture all the beauty in nature and experience them firsthand as well. Such films can show people the importance of conserving the environment. They get to see what they’d miss if they continued with deforestation and releasing toxic waste into the water.

Read students’ essays about the environment

In education, students are encouraged to address real-time matters affecting the world. One of them is the environment and its pollution. The best way to discuss the topic is through film or an essay where everyone can air their individual opinions. Several essays have been written by students on the environment. You can read these environment essay samples on EduZaurus, where you can see what the experts on the subject are saying. Good references will ensure that you write excellent essays or any other research paper.


With film, you will have a video sample that you can use to compare changes in the environment over time. We cannot always rely on memory to explain the effects of climate change. Memory can sometimes be distorted and unreliable. A film is more clear, vivid and is not subject to change. 

Through film, you can show clearly how the environment is taking a toll from environmental pollution. When writing a script, you can show the difference between rivers five years ago and rivers now in terms of their size and cleanliness. You will be able to make better comparisons and more accurate ones.


You can make better observations using film. When making a film on the environment, you have a hands-on experience. You can touch, see, feel and at the same time still collect video evidence that can be stored for reference. This is a great way for students to interact with the environment and see in person how pollution is affecting the environment. 

You will be on the ground together with nature making observations on different species of plants, how animals behave in that environment, and how they survive. These observations are collected in the film and can be used later during analysis.


A student will be to analyze the effects of environmental pollution through film. You can do it by setting a specific period where you will be filming a specific part of the environment consistently. 

When you do that, you will be able to record the changes that the environment is experiencing from global warming, climate change, and pollution. After the given period, you can collect all the video evidence and analyze the environment from the time you started till the end. If it was a significant amount of time, you could witness some significant changes in the environment.


Through film, students can be aware of the real impact of environmental pollution. Several documentaries have been created talking about how we are contributing to the changes in the environment and how bad it is. Netflix documentaries such as Seaspiracy, A Plastic Ocean, and There’s Something in the Water are some examples of environmental films that have been able to create awareness and inspire change. 

Students can do the same with film. People hear all about pollution and its effects, but until they see the extent to which they have reached, no real change can be inspired. This is a great way for students to create awareness among themselves and others.


There is a lot that can be done through film, and we need to be aware of that and use it. The environment is on a downward spiral, and if we are not careful and start taking action now, the earth will be inhabitable. When this happens, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. Let us take the initiative and practice what we can do to cause positive change in the environment. It all starts with you.

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