Stranger Things: Season Four all you need to know

Stranger things is back with Season 4. Stranger things was one of the most popular television shows in 2017 and 2018, so it’s no surprise that season four has been highly anticipated. Stranger Things Season 4 starts off right where we left off from Stranger Things Season 3. The show continues to live up to the hype as Millie Bobby Brown delivers another Emmy-worthy performance which is evident throughout the season, but will Stranger thing be able to end on a high note? Stranger things Season four starts Stranger Things off on a bit of a slow pace as we see some new characters introduced. The show takes it’s time building up the tension and suspense, but Stranger Things is at its best when there are more monsters to fight and less people talking about them. Stranger Things does an excellent job with character development, specifically Eleven’s journey throughout Stranger Things season four which contributes to how great this season was overall. There were also several moments that made me laugh out loud or jump in my seat such as Elle (Millie Bobby Brown) having super powers like her mom did which makes for an interesting dynamic between her character…

What is the Release date of Stranger things Fourth Season?

Stranger things Season four will released in 2022 Stranger Things will be coming back for at least two more seasons. Stranger things have been renewed by Netflix with a fourth and fifth season in place to air in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Stranger things are also nominated for several awards including Primetime Emmy Awards that take place later this month (September). Stranger Things has the following nominations: Best Drama Series; Millie Bobby Brown is up against Game of Thrones Sophie Turner , Elisabeth Moss ; David Harbour vs Matthew Rhys . The show itself is also up for Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series alongside Bodyguard.

Who is the cast in Stranger things Fourth Season?

Stranger Things has a returning ensemble cast including Winona Ryder Stranger things Season Four is set in 1985 and will have its fair share of new characters. Who are the Stranger things newcomers? Maya Hawke Stranger things Season four sees Maya Hawke as an ‘alternative girl’ bored with her mundane day job until she begins exploring her own brand of womanhood, defiantly ignoring society’s expectations for how women should behave. Her search takes a dangerous turn when Hawkins lab is hit by another dimensional breach to the Upside Down – forcing Eleven to confront Kali / Eight . Another newcomer Stranger Things season four includes Jake Busey who has been given his first big role on TV since joining Stranger Things Netflix having previously featured in The Predator , Starship.

What is the story of Stranger things Fourth Season?

Stranger Things Season Four is set in 1985, one year after the events of Season Three. It follows the adventures of Maya Hawke’s “alternative girl” character and her group of friends as they explore their own womanhood and defy society’s expectations. When Hawkins lab is hit by another dimensional breach to the Upside Down, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) must confront Kali / Eight (Linnea Berthelsen), a powerful young woman from another dimension who has been tracking her down. Another newcomer to Stranger Things Season Four is Jake Busey, who plays Stranger Things fan favorite Sean Astin’s father.

The Duffer Brothers have said that they are ” really trying to make it more like a classic eighties movie.” This is most evident in the new Stranger Things Season Four trailer, which features neon colors, aerobics videos, and heavy synthesizer music. The Duffers have also promised that there will be more horror in Stranger Things Season Four, as well as plenty of laughs. So far, the reactions to Maya Hawke’s casting have been mixed but largely positive; some people feel she doesn’t resemble her mother Uma Thurman at all, while others appreciate her taking on an unconventional role.

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