Stem Cell Research Will Get A Boost From A $8.5 Million Grant From A Maryland Fund

A total of $8.5 million has been awarded to 29 different projects, involving human stem cell research. The Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission was established in 2006 and since then has awarded $139 million to 400 projects.

The projects will examine more closely how human stem cells can treat muscular dystrophy, regenerate heart tissue, aid diabetes management and sickle cell disease, among other medical conditions.

The awards are proposed to speed up work by startup companies and researchers, utilizing human stem cells to advance new medical treatments.

“We want to accelerate the transformation from science and technology to commercial products and clinical treatments,” said Dan Gincel, the fund’s executive director.

The commission and fund are managed by the Maryland Technology Development Corp., TEDCO.

The grants are intended to support the projects through clinical trials and other stages, including discovery and gathering data and the steps toward commercialization.

The recipients chosen to receive the awards come from six research institutions and six companies. The research institutes include the University of Maryland in Baltimore; Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore; University of Maryland in College Park; Lieber Institute for Brain Development in Baltimore; Hussman Institute for Autism in Catonsville; and Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.

The company recipients include TissueGene, Longeveron, MaxCyte, 3Dnamics, Seraxis and Propagenix.

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