State Fire Marshal Continues Investigation Into Separate Carroll County Fatal Fires

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  1. Both fires are unrelated.
    1. Related

State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci is issuing a call for Marylanders to check their smoke alarms. This was important after two fatal fire incidents in Caroll county had to be investigated in just a few hours. Westminster Volunteer Fire Department and nearby departments reported the fire at the Boston Inn at 533 Baltimore Boulevard at around 8.30 AM. The guests had noticed the smoke from the rooms, and as the firefighters approached, they could see that the fire was nearly self-extinguished by then. A 48-year-old man was found to be deceased. The Deputy State Fire Marshals are investigating the root cause, and it is believed that the incident happened hours ago when the people had called 911. The victim was then transported to the Office of the Chief Medical examiner, where he was identified. The case is still progressing, and the official cause of the victim’s death is yet to be revealed.
The Taneytown Volunteer Fire Company and surrounding departments responded to 541 Daisy Drive for a dwelling fire at approximately 2.20 PM. The firefighters arrived at the spot within a few minutes. To their surprise, they learned that a three-year-old daughter and her mother could somehow escape the situation, but the grandmother was stuck inside. The firefighters started approaching the 68-year-old victim immediately, who was then taken to the Caroll Hospital. She was injured, and an investigation is still being carried out. As per the investigators, the fire originated on the second floor of the building, and the cause of it is still under review.

Both fires are unrelated.

The Deputy State Fire Marshals have further confirmed that both fire incidents are unrelated. Although the tragic coincidence is rare and smoke alarms were present in both cases, they were not activated while the fire broke out. The State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci said, “You only have minutes from the sound of the first smoke alarm to escape a fire.” He added, “Please, make sure you check your smoke alarms today. The sooner you hear an alarm, the sooner you can get out, and the better chance you and your family have to escape. It can be a life or death for you and your loved ones.”

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