State Deems Lyft, Uber Official Transportation Providers


Travelers flying into Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport will have the option of hailing a Lyft or Uber starting this summer.

For years, travelers have been utilizing ride-share services for transportation, including to and from BWI. However, a recently approved 2-year deal with the Board of Public Works, establishes Lyft and Uber as official transportation providers at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

The airport will establish dedicated zones for both Uber and Lyft. In return, the ride-share firms have agreed to pay $2.50 for each drop-off and pickup. The dedicated zones will be similar to those for shuttle buses and taxis. The final touches are being put on the deal and the setup is scheduled to go into effect this summer.


Uber And Lyft Are Now Official Transportation Providers At BWI

“This action will formally integrate these services into the ground transportation system at the airport,” said Jonathan Dean, a spokesman for BWI. “We will establish physical zones for these companies to operate.”

BWI is not the first airport to establish such an agreement. Over 50 airports in the United States have already signed deals with ride-share companies, even though they are battling it out with local and state governments over driver background checks.

Ride-share companies pay the Ronald Reagan Nation Airport and Dulles International Airport $4 fee per ride. The fee charged by BWI is significantly lower at $2.50 per ride.

BWI developing designated waiting areas for ride-share drivers will “make transportation more convenient for travelers and support the airport’s ground transportation operational costs,” Uber spokesman Bill Gibbons said.

To celebrate the deal, Lyft is offering travelers $5 off two rides to and from BWI, with code RIDEBWI.

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