Starbucks Announced Plans To Pilot Coffee Ice Cube At 56 Stores In The Baltimore Area

Starbucks Coffee, a Seattle-based coffee chain, is currently working on a new method to prevent iced coffee from becoming watered down.

Customers are forced to consume their iced coffee quicker in the summer to avoid the ice melting and weakening the flavors. To combat watered-down coffee, the company will be offering ice cubs made of Starbucks coffee, so when they melt the beverage will not be altered.


Starbucks Coffee Piloting Ice Cubes Made Of Coffee

For an additional 80 cents, customers will have the option of adding the coffee ice cubes to their brewed coffee or iced espresso. The coffee cubes will be available at 100 stores in St. Louis and Baltimore, but it is still unclear which local chains will be utilized for the pilot.

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