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Star Trek Discovery: Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know About

Star Trek Discovery is back with its fourth season! The show has been a hit for CBS All-Access and fans are excited to see what happens next. This post will provide details on the release date, cast, plot, and everything we know about Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 so far.

The release date of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4:

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 has a release date of late 2021, it’s been confirmed as of April 5, 2021.

The cast of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4:

  • Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham
  • Doug Jones as Saru
  • Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets
  • Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly
  • Wilson Cruz as Hugh Culber
  • David Ajala as Cleveland “Book” Booker
  • Blu del Barrio as Adira Tal
  • Ian Alexander as Gray Tal

Trailer of Star Trek: Discovery season 4:

Yes, there’s a first teaser trailer for Star Trek: Discovery season 4, that was unveiled at the First Contact Day virtual event.

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 release date, trailer, cast, plot, and more |  GamesRadar+

The plot of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4:

There are two primary storylines for the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery. The first has to do with Michael Burnham’s return from her exile on Vulcan, and now she must try to find out how she can serve in Starfleet once more.

The second story deals with Lorca as he tries to figure out who is building a secret starbase – which could be starting an interstellar war that would threaten Federation planets like Earth.

That leads him back into contact with his old crewmates aboard the USS Buran, including Admiral Cornwell. They start investigating past missions they’ve undertaken together but it turns up some unsavory findings of their former captain…

Presumably, this storyline will dovetail nicely into what’s happened in the Mirror Universe over the past few seasons.

Summary of Star Trek Discovery Season 4:

This section is about what to include on your blog post when writing a long-form article for Discovery Season four and beyond! The first thing you should do is talk about how far along in production Star Trek: Discovery Season Four is, and where it’s filming now.

This will allow your readers to understand if they can expect more episodes or not because of an unpredictable schedule with actors’ other commitments. And then go into detail about who might be returning as guest stars this time around – but also note that there are some new characters joining Starfleet too!

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