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Spoilers For Kate Finale: What Happened To Kate?

There are many who have watched the action thriller film Kate and seen that she was poisoned. But what happened to her? The film has left us with so many unanswered questions, but we can finally get some answers in this blog post! We will discuss all the details of the ending and how it relates to the action-thriller genre, American films, and Netflix.

The American thriller film was directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and written by Umair Aleem. It was released on September 21, 2021, to Netflix. The film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the lead role of Kate with Woody Harrelson, playing her handler and also a father figure to her.

Spoilers ahead! The Explanations We Seek!

In the film, we see Kate as a chaser for the Kijima family. Kijima, the clan’s leader, is accompanied by his young daughter. Kate hesitates to kill Kijima, but she has to finish her job even if it means murdering the young child. Either way, we see that there are certain moral values instilled in our main character by some person whom she trusted deeply.

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Further, she retires from her job after being traumatized by killing Kijima. However, she is forced to go back into action but misses her shot. She discovers she has been poisoned by Stephen and has only 24 hours to live.

The finale brings an emotional twist to the tale when Kate finds out from Stephen that the assassination was ordered by the Kijima family. She tracks down various gangsters to search for her assassin when she discovers that Kijima’s niece Ani could guide her to Kijima. Later, Kijima tries to kill Ani, but she is saved by Kate.

Kate and Ani are involved with Renji, a link between Kentaros and Kate through Jojima, Renji’s boyfriend. They get into a deadly fight where Ani kills Jojima. While searching the house, they find a tablet with Renji’s GPS, and they track Renji.

The movie takes a dark turn when Kate is confronted by Kijima and reveals to Kate that Renji and Varrick teamed up to kill Ani’s father. Renji wanted to take over, so she poisoned Kate to get her out of the way. Ani is told that Kate was the one to kill her father.

Ani takes a shot at Kate as she is angry and leaves with Varrick. Varrick and Renji fall into a disagreement for poisoning Kate but later resolves their quarrel, and Varrick is invited into Yakuza. Meanwhile, Kijima , whom Kate did not kill, comes to Kate and seeks her to save the life of Ani.

Kijima heads to Renji while Kate takes over Varrick. Kijima kills Renji and Kate finds Varrick holding a gun to Ani’s head. In the climax scene, both Varrick and Kate shoot each other. Varrick dies, and Kate dies eventually too after she is confronted by Ani, who forgives her for killing her family.

Reviews about Kate Movie

Kate has received mixed reviews from critics. The viewers liked Kate as a film but were disappointed by its ending, that did not give any closure to many questions like why Kijima was after Ani, what happened between Renji and Varrick etc. They also criticized the climax scene of both characters dying, which they thought failed to justify their motives fully.

All in all, the movie was an average one. Kate is now available on Netflix, so you can go and watch it for yourself.

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