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Sounds like Love

Netflix sounds like a love review – sounds like love Netflix review all information related to it. Netflix sounds like love is a comedy about an unusual family with a complicated past and the different ways they find their way back to each other while learning more about the world around them.

When is the “Sounds Like Love” coming out?

Sounds Like Love (Spanish: Fuimos canciones; lit.  ’We Were Songs’) is a 2021 film about love directed by Juana Macías [es]. A movie was made by Elísabet Benavent. It is based on her books, “Canciones y recuerdos”. Maria Valverde and Álex González star in the movie. It came out on Netflix on September 29, 2021.

Netflix is adding romance movies from all over the world. They have movies for different ages, so everyone can find something to watch. Sounds Like Love is a movie that you can stream on Netflix. It is like Someone Great and How To Be Single, which are movies on Netflix too.

What can we expect from “Sounds Like Love”?

Maca is 29 years old and she is the assistant to an influencer. Pipa, her boss, pays very little and expects a lot from Maca. Maca wonders how much longer she can do this job before quitting.

Maca’s dreamy ex-boyfriend Leo comes back to Madrid. He left before without saying anything. It makes Maca start to question everything. She still has feelings for Leo. He left her. It is difficult to forget him because she sees him with another woman. The situation is confusing.

Our review:  The film was good, but it could have been better. The best-selling Spanish book series by Elísabet Benavent was a lot of stories to tell, but it didn’t do a great job. This is a problem with trying to put all the story into one movie. It’s too hard and takes too long to watch it. The movie doesn’t know what order to put the story in, because it is trying to tell three stories at once.

The movie often feels like a chore to watch. There is some cheesy narration and when the fourth wall is broken, it can seem hard. It is said that some interesting things are happening in the film, but it does not know if it should show Adriana or Jimena as one of the main characters. Some things in the story are sexy. There is also surprising stuff in the story. The book is not good though.

Who will be starring in “Sounds Like Love”?

  • María Valverde is playing the role of Maca
  • Álex González is playing the role of Leo
  • Elisabet Casanovas [es] is playing the role of Jimena
  • Susana Abaitua is playing the role of Adriana
  • Eva Ugarte [es] is playing the role of Raquel
  • Miri Pérez-Cabrero [es] is playing the role of Pipa
  • Roger Berruezo [es] is playing the role of Julián
  • Ignacio Montes [es] is playing the role of Samuel
  • Artur Busquets is playing the role of Jorge
  • Claudia Galán is playing the role of Julia
  • Carlo Costanzia is playing the role of Coque

What is the Plot of “Sounds Like Love”?

Maca is 30 years old. She lives in Madrid. She works for a person who is very powerful and scary. She wastes her talent by spending most of her time with guys she never gets close to. She has two friends who are unique and loveable. Jimena and Adriana work together with Maca. They try hard to enjoy life and happiness, even though they have a dead-end job. They do everything possible to make it better. All seemed perfect until Leo, Maca’s ex-boyfriend, came back in her life. Leo hurt Maca badly before. He made her feel bad and she doesn’t trust him. Maca had forgotten all about him. But now he is back in her life. She has to deal with the emotions that she has tried to forget for so long. She remembers what could have been but never was, and she must face those memories.

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