Snowfall Season 5- Who Will Return, Cast And Speculations

Snowfall Season 5
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Snowfall season 5 was renewed for FX. The network informed us that Snowfall increased 41% in total viewers versus the prior season. And rightly so as this is one of the best shows on TV! We can only expect to see this trend as season five premieres.

Will Lucia Return to Snowfall?

Lucia is the person responsible for getting Gustavo involved in drug sales and she disappeared since season 2. Gustavo has been searching for her, even enlisting the help of the CIA. Once the initial word returned that she was not found, he gave up. However, in the season finale, more evidence surfaced that she was located. Gustavo is on a new path, and he just may link up with his former partner and love interest in Snowfall season 5.

What Will Happen To Mel?

The Snowfall season 4 finale was such a suspenseful episode! We all thought Franklin was going to kill Mel because he does not like to leave any loose ends. Just as he exited her, he paused, reached at his side only to set his cane down, and walk away without a limp. This means he was faking the handicap this whole time or he recovered at some point and paraded as if he was still injured. We know Franklin was turning darker, so what else was he hiding? My prediction is that Mel will receive another visit from Saint in the new season.

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Snowfall Season 5 Speculations

Here are some theories of what we think will happen in the next season…

  • Either we will learn that Cissy knew Reed wouldn’t let Alton live and proposed fleeing so Franklin would not have to witness his father killed in front of him, forcing his hand to retaliate against Reed.
  • Or Franklin planned it when he allows his mother to come to the meet.
  • Franklin will eventually deal with Mel.
  • Louie and Jerome will part ways with Franklin to dominate Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Leon may exit the game, but something will jolt him back.
  • Franklin will be exposed to the public as the king of crack!

The Snowfall Season 5 Cast

  • Carter Hudson (Teddy McDonald/ Reed Thompson)
  • Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata)
  • Michael Hyatt (Cissy Saint)
  • Angela Lewis (Aunt Louie)
  • Amin Joseph (Jerome Saint)
  • Isaiah John (Leon Simmons)
  • Alton’s (Kevin Carroll)
  • De’Aundre Bonds (Skully)
  • Drew “Manboy” Miller (Melvin Gregg)
  • Khadijah Brown (Geffri Maya)
  • and Irene Abe (Suzy Nakamura)
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